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ΔSabotageΔ - it is an action, which serves to save your teammates from being hooked by sawing off the hook.

ΔWhen you should sabo?Δ

When the killer tunnel your teammate, in the end game, on teammate’s third hook, if teammate just close to you or if the killer has Mori you should save from the first hooks.


Time to wiggle out from killers grasp – 16 sec.

Breakout can decrease this time by 20% (3,2 sec from 16 sec).

12,8 sec. your teammate needs to wiggle out if you are in a Breakout range (6 meters) whole time (you will have the icon if you are in a range of Breakout):

In addition, Breakout does not stack with other instances of itself.

If the killer has Iron Grasp tier 3 - wiggle out time become from 16 to 17,9 sec.

With Breakout – 14,32 sec (20% from 17,9 = 3,58). This is still not bad for your sabo action.

ΔHow you should sabo in 2020?Δ

With new sabo fixes hooks respawns after Sabotage after 30 seconds. Sabotage action takes 2,5 seconds with Saboteur perk or Toolbox. Some toolbox add-ons can help in Sabo:

Grip Wrench, Cutting Wire, Hacksaw and Protective Gloves (in order below):

In addition, Alex’s Toolbox sharpened for sabo.

Therefore, you have a few options for perform your sabo role:

1. You can try to guess on what hook the killer will bring your teammate

This is not a good option if we want to save teammate for sure.

2. Follow the killer to that hook where he goes

3. Sabotage all the hooks around your teammate in chase

ΔWe will analyze example of Sabo with my favorite buildΔ

Dead Hard – Mettle of Man – Breakout – Saboteur

and Med-kit for 2-3 heals (also, you can take Styptic Agent add-on). You need 16 charges on one health state, keep it in mind while choosing add-ons.

ΔWhy med-kit?Δ

Because you do not want to waste your teammates time to healing you. One survivor is doing a gen, another in a chase; you are trying to perform your sabotage or want to heal, and 4th teammate can healing, doing totems, hiding in the locker, trying to save with a flashlight, unhooking somebody, trying to recover teammate from the dying state and if you are lucky – he is doing a gen too. Therefore, if you want someone to heal you it means that only one person is doing a gen or no one.


When the killer starts to picking-up your teammate with updated Saboteur perk you can see all the hooks nearby. However, do not be fooled. Killer could just not see the hook that very close to him and go to another one. Then you could just not be in the right place in time even if you have Breakout 7% speed.

Therefore, the right play will be bait him. Just try to be in front of the killer while he is picking up survivor. In this animation, he could not hurt you but at the end you can just run from him and won a few seconds when he will missed his hit. After that he, most of the time will go to the hook where you will be on his way because he wants to give you a free hit before he hook survivor. You are just running to the hook where the killer goes with Breakout you will have 7% speed near the killer that carrying the survivor.

You should be in a range of Breakout while running to the hook because your teammate will get 20% speed for wiggle out. You need to be under the hook (a little bit in front) (screenshot) first. Then you are waiting when the killer hits you. His hit recharge time after hitting survivor is a 3 sec. You need whole 3 seconds. Immediately after killer hits you (not when he missed because then his hit cooldown is 1,5 sec and it’s not enough for you), you should start sabotaging the hook. When you will finish it - use Dead Hard. 2,5 sec to break the hook and 0,5 sec to use Dead Hard.

It’s the perfect scenario. After your first save the killer will try to outplay you somehow.

ΔWhy Mettle of Man (MoM)?Δ

In the end-game you can face NOED (Hex: No One Escapes Death). In the perfect scenario, you need your active Mettle in the end-game and you need to be injured. Because, MoM does not protect you from being one-shoted if you are healthy. With MoM you can perform one more sabotage or just bait the killer on you. If the killer do not have NOED he can easily be baited by you, because you are injured and he do not expect MoM, so he can choose you instead of healthy survivor. After buying sometime for your team and taking a hit just run into the exit-gates. If your Mettle of Man active you can not do the play when you heal on 99% then get protection hit from mettle of man and then healed on 1%. Your healing will be reseted after getting a hit in MoM. In the end-game, do not rush to get a hit for someone if you don’t have an active MoM and you don’t know if the killer has NOED. Better try to predict where the teammate killer will carry and to break the hook without getting a hit.

In addition, if you get a hit near survivor in the dying state or on the hook you will not get a stack on Mettle of Man.

ΔDead Hard doesn’t workΔ

Many players complain that they press Dead Hard but it did not work. You can avoid from being attacked only in a dash animation. If you just pressed Dead Hard or you are already at the end of animation - it won’t gonna help you. Dead Hard can also be used to reach the killer if you broke a hook and he was able to get out of your breakout range, and you know that the teammate has just a little left to break out of.

ΔWhy not Aura-reading Perks?Δ

You do not need to know where is your teammate exactly like for the save with a flashlight. For you will be enough to see his aura when he will be in a dying state and to be close enough.     


ΔHow to find the survivor in chase?Δ

Just follow for terror radius (or lullaby) of the killer. It will be louder if you are closer. In addition, if you have a hill or a big building on the map you can try to find your teammate by looking from second or third floor.



Sabotage speed:

Slightly – 15%

Moderately – 20%

Considerably – 50%

Cutting Wire and Hacksaw add-ons can give you Sabotage speed with your toolbox.

For example:

Alex’s Toolbox gives you +50% speed during Sabotage without add-ons.

Mechanic's Toolbox and Engineer's Toolbox decreases Sabotage speed.

I assume that you cannot get more than 100% sabotage speed. I will edit this chapter with video tests.


ΔSabo with ToolboxeSΔ

If you are running toolbox with some speed add-ons or your teammate have Leader perk which increases Sabotage speed on 25% - you don’t need Dead Hard. You will be able just run away after Sabotaging the hook but you still need healing. Therefore, your build can look like:

Self-Care – Botany Knowledge – Mettle of Man – Breakout

Botany Knowledge will save 10 seconds from every heal.

Also, you can try to Sabotage all the hooks around teammate in chase with Grip Wrench and Protective Gloves add-ons on toolbox. You need a toolbox with a lot of charges because you will break 2-3 hooks for the one save

and probably some perks that gives you an information - your teammate in a safe place or he will be slugged soon. If your teammate leaved unsafe area maybe you can do that area safe again?

Windows of Opportunity - Any Means Necessary - Bond - Breakout

With bond and Windows of Opportunity you have a lot of information you can work with. You can see your teammate leaved an area and no need to breaking hooks there. You can raise dropped pallet and make that place safe again. Also if you are in chase you can see all safe places. No Mettle of Man or Dead Hard because no need to get hits just Breakout saves while all the nearest hooks will be broken. This build just theory I will try it today and maybe I change something. But if it works - only Agitation probably can stop you.

ΔWhy not Inner Strength?Δ

You need always to be healed. You cannot rely on totems because with this perk you need to find a totem, 16 seconds to break it, find a locker and sit in it for 8 seconds that’s a lot of time and you will not have it.


*In most of the games - you will be an Obsession. So if you get caught in a minute after you was unhooked just act like you have Decisive Strike, even if you are not the Obsession but you have one in the game. Try to recovering when the killer don’t look at you and crawl to him if he looked at you (acting like you want him to grab you).

*After your first successful sabotage the killer can act like he want to pick-up survivor but he just look at him for a second and then will go to check the area to find you or survivor with a flashlight if you have one in the game.

*Killer can go after you while carrying survivor and then change his direction to another hook and u will not get there in time.

*Killer can go to you when you are standing under the hook and just act like he want to hit you in a second. Or the killer can just hit in the air, after this you can panic and start to break the hook but the killer will just hit you again after 1,5 sec (missed hit cooldown) and interrupt your action you will get cooldown on Saboteur perk for a minute. In this situation, you should just run away because if your teammate will be on the hook and you on the ground near him it will be hard to recover from this point to your team. If you have a toolbox for Sabotage - just start to sabotaging again after getting a hit.

ΔCounter to the build and playstyleΔ

Save the Best for Last - you will not get your 3 second to perform this playstyle. The killer can earn up to 8 tokens it is 5% cool-down reduction each (up to 40%). 40% from 3 seconds = 1,2 sec. 3 – 1,2 = 1,8 seconds cool-down reduction on successful attacks. You cannot even break the hook not to mention escape with Dead Hard. After tests with Toolboxes I couldn't sabotage faster than near 1,8 sec even with 2 add-ons on speed and Leader on a carriable survivor.

Thanatophobia - will slow your action speed (sabotage too) for each Injured, Dying or hooked survivor so you cannot break the hook in time. You still can «sabo» but just for trade. It means that you can break the hook but for each Injured or Dying or hooked survivor you will get penalty of 3/3.5/4% to Sabotage speed up to a maximum of 12/14/16%. 16% of 2,5 seconds for sabotage action using perk Saboteur it’s 0,4. 0,4 +2,5 = 2,9 seconds. It is almost 3 seconds that the killer needs to hit you again after the first successful hit on you. So u have only 0,2/0,15/0,1 seconds (depends on Thanatophobia tier) to react after the first hit to start breaking the hook, which is incredibly difficult.

Franklin's Demise – if u have toolbox you should to guess on which hook the killer will bring your teammate and break it before he hit you. If you have Saboteur perk and Med-kit you can sabo the hook even if you drop your item under the hook. If your camera is aimed at the ground, you will take a Med-Kit and if your camera is aimed at the hook, you will be able to break it instead picking up the item. In addition, your item will be damaged in the fall for 0/5/10% (depends of tier) of its base amount of Charges.

Mad Grit – with this perk killer has no cooldown on his hits while carrying survivor and every successful hit on another survivor will pause the carried survivor wiggle timer for 2/3/4 seconds (depends of perk tier).

Agitation - your default running speed is 4 m/s (meter/second). With Breakout +7% speed = 4,28 m/s.

Killers carrying speed – 3,68 m/s. With Agitation tier 3 – 4,34 m/s.

You can handle it if u can get hit early while the killer carried survivor and with 6 m/s (150%) speed run to the hook and sabotage it. Then use dead hard if you need it. However, the killer can just go to another hook if he will realize it. If it will happen and u see that another hook is not that close, you can dead hard to the killer to be in range of Breakout and run with him to another hook. Nevertheless, I am not recommend it, its very rare situation when you will be in a range of Breakout after dead hard and the killer is still faster than you. Your 4,28 m/s versus his 4,34 m/s.

NOED – if you do not have an active Mettle of Man - the problem is NOED. Regardless of whether you are injured or healthy, the only thing you can do is to predict what kind of hook the killer will carry to your partner and break it. Then try to complete the save with a breakthrough if he is still trying to catch a teammate. More often than not, he will drop the survivor and go for you. Keep this in mind and try to be closer to the gate than the killer.

Infectious Fright – you will just scream and give the information to the killer that you are close to killer. No matter where you are even lockers, won’t gonna save you, if you are in killer's terror radius you will scream.

Michael Myers on the third stage. You can’t get hit from Michael when he can easily put you in the dying state even while carrying survivor.

Plague – against Plague probably you will be injured whole game if you are not cleansing of course. So you cannot take hits under the hooks.

Pyramid Head - against Executioner's cages you barely can to perform flashlight-saves, Borrow Time, Decisive Strikes, Deliverence, also Sabotage, even Adrenaline if it will activate while you in a cage.

Pyramid Head with Save the Best for Last:

Killer’s Slug-strategy – if the killer’s strategy is to put all of you into the Dying state – the killer don’t need to hook. Often, those killers have ability to one-shot survivors, so you even cannot to take a hit for someone. If the killer playing with blind effects or Infectious Fright and does not pick up survivors – he probably uses Slug-strategy.

After all, the best that killer can do just throw survivor from his shoulder and commit to you. He can do it when he will see you running to the hook or even better. He can just give you the opportunity to break the hook, take hit and wait for your Dead Hard. After this action, you will be very vulnerable if u don’t have your active Mettle of Man.


For questions or suggestions write me on this forum or here.

P.S. Trapper hates Mettle of Man.

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