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Clip through wall Backwater Swamp + 2 other problems

Playing just like any other game, zero problems, has only occurred once that I am aware of. I played as huntress, using huntress lullaby on backwater swamp.

My description:

There's a bug in my most recent game where survivors were trying to vault a window and instead were clipping straight through the wall, one of the survivors claimed to record it so I'm not assuming hacks but I could not walk through the wall as killer. It's under the porch that is always next to killer shack that spawns with a gen on top of it and has the maze under.

I do not have the survivors recording nor do I know if it will be reported or not, every survivor was able to do this and it was a 3man swf and a solo random.

other problems persist of:

Konami code item not being received, I have followed tutorials and I do have the silent hill DLC purchased through steam. (wwssadad RMB LMB return)

My other bug would be incompletion of Huntress challenge where I have to hit 2 different survivors with charged hatchets in one game. I have done this multiple times to the extent where I will hold hatchets for 15 or more seconds and still incomplete the challenge.

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