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A Beginner Guide To Dead By Daylight

ZagridZagrid Member Posts: 997
edited June 2020 in Gameplay Guide Contest

This contest was the perfect opportunity to finally teach everyone new to the game everything they need to know to get started. I did want to make some more advanced guides but ran out of time, but I will make them anyway, they just wont be for the contest.

First up, the Basic Guide To Dead By Daylight. This guide holds the info you need if you just booted up the game, such as what the game actually is, how to get the controls and mechanics down, and the currencies they can earn. All crucial info when starting out that some people may gloss over.

Next, The Survivor Guide To Dead By Daylight Part 1, Items, Add-ons, Offerings, and Perks. All info you should know as survivor that has taken me a bit to master myself. Like the saying goes, you don't rise to your expectations, you fall to your level of preparation. So making sure you are prepared as survivor is essential. (Also beyond this point the voice over is a text to speech, my area decided to be super hot and I am not super confident in my own voice, so to kill 2 birds with 1 stone, I just used that. Hopefully everyone doesn't mind)

And of course, The Survivor Guide To Dead By Daylight Part 2, game-play. Now, I know that I definitely could have done a guide describing how to loop, or how to run tiles, or how to master the art of evading the killer, however I felt it was important to outline good survivor game-play in all its aspects, since you will naturally become better at looping the more you play the game. So this guide outlines the 3 modes (IMO) of survivor game-play and how to make sure you are being the best survivor you can be.

Last, but certainly not least, The Killer Guide To Dead By Daylight, by far the hardest guide to make. First issue was getting the actual footage as with the sounds being iffy, I couldn't get any good gameplay and it was driving me up the wall, so I resorted to Mobile. Next was the issue of a "killer" guide. There are so many killers with so many playstyles one guide would have taken up 2 hours of a players time, not something I wanted to do. So this guide has some basic info that most killers can use. (Also side note, I linked extra guides to killer specifics in the video's description. These are not my guides, but for the sake of giving the players info they might want I included them, please do not judge my guide based on those).

Overall, I feel like this was a good experience for both myself and hopefully anyone who watches these guides. I put a lot of effort into them trying to balance both information and entertainment. It was difficult not to overshare information, but also to know what info I felt a new player would want. Also, with them being separated like this, there is no need for someone looking for specific info to have to search for the thing they are looking for. Just pick the video and boom. Easy peasy. Anyway, I hope you enjoy my guides and even though they can't be judged I should have the intermediate and advanced guides done hopefully within July. They will cover some of the deeper info, a bit more complex than what a beginner would need to get started. So thank you for reading/watching/judging the guide, and as always we hope to see you out in the fog.

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