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The Executioner -By Crounbay

crounbaycrounbay Member Posts: 8

First to all, i whould like to thanks my dad to help me make it, my girlfriend to help me in the paint and planing, and my sister for the photos. Whit out you people, this whould be not posible.

This job took me form 3 weeks to complete. The head alone took me a week and a half( its more complicated that its look like). Its made from cardboard, wood and EVA. The knife is full wood, took me 3 days. The paint job took me a full week. Its has 3-4 layers of diferents colors, but ended being whort it. I tried to do every detail posible and this is the final work.

Hope you like!

The full proces and extra images if you want to see is here:



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