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Wmyn - The Huntress Doll

wmynwmyn Member Posts: 55

My entry for the crafting contest is a handmade doll of The Huntress. I wanted to craft

Materials: Fabric, thread, acrylic paint, lace, stuffing, wire

She is mostly hand sewn except for the limbs which required my sewing machine. She is the first time I have ever made something like this. This contest really inspired me to get creative! A lot of seam ripping and pin pricks later.. I am very proud of how she turned out.

Process: Her body and limbs are made from fabric and stuffing. The arms and legs also have wires (from a hanger) so they can be positioned. After stuffing and sewing each limb closed I positioned it to the torso head and sewed them one by one.

After the body was completed I started to make the clothes.

The jeans are from an old pair of pants that I cut and sewed with my sewing machine. I then tied fabric around her leg and foot to make it similar to how she looks in game.

I painted her limbs and face with acrylic paints

I then started to make the iconic bunny mask. I used fabric and stuffing to stuff the mask. I then positioned it onto the existing head and sewed it on.

After it was sewn, I painted the mask.

I used an old sock for her under shirt collar and sewed that before cutting white felt to be her sweater. I also used red felt to make the torso accessory.

I painted the yellow pattern onto the red felt. to emulate the detailed pattern. Painting felt is very difficult so it took a few layers.

Her harness/belt is made out of strips of fabric that I sewed to her body. Then I painted them brown.

I then made the skirt. I painted a floral pattern onto a peice of blue fabric and tucked it under the belt once it was dry.

I had to position it correctly because it is not a full skirt.

I then painted a quilted pattern on some orange canvas and sewed it to the bottom of the skirt.

I then added a belt buckle with gray felt and her metal pins with yellow felt

After she was finally done I positioned her against some fabric and took some pictures.


Thanks for looking at my entry <3 Good luck everyone! I will post progress photos below

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