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Campers and tunnelers on blast.



  • Customapple0Customapple0 Member Posts: 478

    Killer’s aura should always be revealed when within 16m of hook, regardless of Kindred. Also when the killer has been within radius of the hooked survivor for a period of time a tooltip should pop up to all survivors telling them that if it’s unsafe to unhook then they should do gens ASAP.

    Honestly I’m so sick of games of solo survivor where I lose to a camper because everyone else waits around the hook....

  • mike4156mike4156 Member Posts: 222

    BHVR keeps making popular DLC from other sources to cash grab kids and general public who normally wouldn't care about DBD, just completely stupid the games out of wack as it is and they make more killers with subpar features and perks that are SH1t useless

  • joshuashep22joshuashep22 Member Posts: 236

    the amount of triggered killer mains ion this post is both disappointing and amusing, camping and tunnelling is a legitimate strategy sure but why should killers be rewarded for such a scummy strategy that sucks almost all fun from the game, if you camp and tunnel then don't complain when survivors use bt, ds, keys, deliverance, unbreakable and adrenaline

  • alaenyiaalaenyia Member Posts: 372

    I feel like this is a chicken and the egg type argument. Survivors bring DS/BT/Unbreakable because the camp/tunnel/slug is so outrageously rampant. I think all survivors would rather run perks that are more varied, interesting and fun but are backed into a corner because they are tunneled out of every match. And if tunneling was not working well it would not be an every/every other match situation. I also see people in here screaming about hook suicides now that DC is not on the table. Well, I suicided out of a Wraith match today because he had tunneled every hook and I was not gonna bother with that. Bad killer behavior is what begates toxic survivor responses, you want better, play better.

  • KoloniteKolonite Member Posts: 1,082

    I don’t tunnel off hook or camp. There are situations where it’s your best choice though. If you have two hooks in basement I think you can camp. In most cases against good survivors it’ll lose you the game though. Especially if they run the meta perks.

    I wish the game was balanced in a way where you didn’t need the meta perks but it just isn’t. If a killer doesn’t run any slow down he’s going to be covered in sweat by the time the game finishes. Same with BT, DS, and Unbreakable countering toxic play styles.

    BHVR will prolly take another 4 years to fix that though.

    Also, don’t get me wrong. Before those perks there were killers who could just tunnel the first then second then third. I don’t know how they’d introduce a counter to it without perk. Especially since they themselves call them a strategy. Also, I don’t mind the meta perks survivors have to bring. I rarely eat a DS and BT is countered by just going for the unhooker. Unbreakable can be very good but it usually doesn’t help much if the killer doesn’t slug.

  • KoloniteKolonite Member Posts: 1,082
  • Unicorn_scarecrowUnicorn_scarecrow Member Posts: 26

    I am a survivor main too. When I play killer for my Rift, I do not play toxic as a killer and I want the same in return. If it isn't given I'll return the toxicity. If someone wants to be disrespectful with the mega boom booms of the pallet vault, I will tunnel them facecamp.

    I let anyone playing nice have the match after the jerk(s) is/are dead.

    Starting out as a killer main through my first two devotions really jaded me when it comes to toxicity. My 4 devotions as a survivor main and I still refuse to be that survivor.

  • PapayarngPapayarng Member Posts: 72

    If you find playing a game stressful, you probably shouldnt play it.

    Also, you say that it's fun but thats just you. It's "stressful" trying to get a hook resque against camping killers, it's "stressful" trying to end a chase with a tunnelling killer. It is "stressfull" when self-absorbed, entitled killer mains like you don't actually think about what the expierience is like for the other half of the game. If people like you continue to play like this all the time then there isnt going to be an opposition to facecamp. I understand that survivors can be toxic and I don't mind if you facecamp and tunnel those kinds of survivors because I know what it's like to get angry at them and they are excpecting that when they decide that thats how they wanna play but when you do it to everyone is when it gets a bit dicey.

    I still can't believe when killers complain about toxicity in the survivor community when people like you are playing.

  • 5thPerkSlot5thPerkSlot Member Posts: 395

    most of players agree that currently playing killer is stressful, specially with SWF that go several steps ahead due to voice comms

  • PapayarngPapayarng Member Posts: 72

    I'm not saying that it isnt, i'm saying that if you are finding it stressfull you should either A)Change the way you play (de-rank or take it less seriously?) or B)Go play something else because its clear you arent finding this fun.

  • Calisto_667Calisto_667 Member Posts: 133

    how is camping efficient ? lol. Most killers fail doing it

  • Calisto_667Calisto_667 Member Posts: 133

    haahha how salty. With or without DS killers will camp and tunnel. Why do you think DS exists in the first place? Because if it were for killers you would get tunneled and eliminated in 2 minutes without a chance of playing

  • 5thPerkSlot5thPerkSlot Member Posts: 395

    yes to A) I only facecamp lately and it is very fun and chill

  • PapayarngPapayarng Member Posts: 72

    I mean if you are fine being an ass then go ahead but, hear me out. Maybe if this is the only way you can have fun playing the game, have you considered that you aren't very skilled?

  • KallKall Member Posts: 45

    Can I just say these are all excellent points. By all means be an ass to ass survivors, but don't carpet blank everyone as an ass. Specially at low ranks, some people don't even know or realise how to be asses.

  • OrionOrion Member Posts: 17,048

    It is if survivors reward it (which they do most of the time).

  • YumiiXOYumiiXO Member Posts: 89

    Just the killers who actually chase you off of hook while the person who saved gets on scott free.

  • CronaWinsCronaWins Member Posts: 650
    edited June 24

    I stopped reading as soon as you said tunnelling and camping is cheating.

  • RizeAkiRizeAki Member Posts: 1,209

    It’s not even just the killer side it’s survivor as well every game since this update game has been no games of doing the event it’s just random sweats tryharding and forcing me to play sweat even on the 1 or 2 that may actually be trying to do the crowns so yeah I feel bad for the few good ones doing the event but I’m not gonna depip every game for it

  • ich_häng_mal_rumich_häng_mal_rum Member Posts: 246

    Camping the first hook is just unfun for the hooked survivor. The answer from the devs „punish Camping by doing gens“ or like some in this post „3 free escapes for the team“ are just lame. 99% of campers have noed too, so maybe while the first survivor is dying on the first hook all gens are done, but with noed these killer get often 2-4k...

  • KallKall Member Posts: 45
    edited June 24

    It isn't.

    You know, just like cheating on your wife isn't really cheating, those are all social constructs and not being open minded bro; "it was just sex, it didn't mean anything" but in the end it still makes you look like an inconsiderate pr*ck. That kind of "not cheating"?

  • BadWraithMainBadWraithMain Member Posts: 25

    Lmao camping and tunneling =/= cheating g. The dev's have stated over and over again that while it's not nice, it is a legitimate tactic.

    In fact, I'll do you one better: it's only effective because survivors refuse to change up their tactics. Also inb4 naming and shaming.

  • 5thPerkSlot5thPerkSlot Member Posts: 395
  • BaldursGate2BaldursGate2 Member Posts: 610

    Rarely using it, only if 3 gens just pop in a short time and i have no options to slow the game down anymore.

  • Z3r0FearZ3r0Fear Member Posts: 9

    The core problems with the game is the speed of how fast everything happens. 1st gen can be finished within seconds of the match starting. Chases can literally last 5-10 seconds long because of bloodlust(I think that's what its called) and rarely does a survivor get away without having a flashlight or some perk that allows you to escape from hooks/grabs or one that gives a huge speed boost when getting hit giving you a miles advantage on the killer. Removing bloodlust will make the game much easier to balance because then other powerful survivor perks can be adjusted to not be so strong against the killer.

    Another big one is the amount of detection there is in the game ruins it making it impossible for players to sneak around and evade and lose the killer in chases or allowing the killer to get the jump on the survivor because of the big red glowing aura in front of the killer. The killer being able to see gen locations is another issue that I have with the game which makes it to easy to patrol them and know where they're at the start of the game. The killer shouldn't know the location of generators and neither should survivors remove those perks from the game on the survivor side so that its balanced.

    I just started playing the game itself but have been watching streamers playing the game for a long time and this is just my observation towards the current state of the game. I support the developers in how far they have come along with it and appreciate all the hard work they do for there game and I wish them a happy 4th anniversary!

  • Misann0830Misann0830 Member Posts: 24

    Exactly. And nevermind the killer one hit wonders...like Devour Hope, the killers and hexes that can mark you and make you exposed, like the two chainsaw wielding killers who can always take you down in one hit... I suppose that's all fair, but the small scale, 5 second window a survivor may gain with DS is totally unfair. Even with DS it only buys you so much time...usually only enough to run a few more steps. Smh. Get real.

  • gorgono1gorgono1 Member Posts: 43
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