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I am writing while currently AFK in a survivor match.

3rd consecutive survivor match where I play against a killer who has Ebony Mori! First 2 matches were an Iridescent Head Huntress & 2nd match a Pinky-Finger Clown. This time it's a Freddy. Does this seem normal to you, Devs? It's the second time in 3 days I have a 3 streak game where all killers bring Mori. I am starting to get sick of this absolute BULL*&^%!(and I've clocked in only 1050 hours in the game...).

Remove or rework Ebony's and Keys in this game for God's sakes. These 2 stuffs are the perfect example of the toxicity that looms in this game since it's release.

I have an idea for reworking them and in my opinion it sounds great.

  1. Mori's. Here's how Mori's should properly work: You were hooked once, if the killer downs you again he can NOT mori you unless he hooks another survivor before. Sounds easy? Yes! Is it better than the current state of Mori? ABSOLUTELY!
  2. Keys. Keys should be discovered EXCLUSIVELY in the game! Apart from the broken key who can be still found in the bloodwebs, the other 2 keys should be discovered EXCLUSIVELY in chests and you could use them to escape just in that match. Sounds easy? Yes! Is it better than the current state of Keys? ABSOLUTELY!

And fix your other dozens of problems this game has, from idiotically bad hitboxes(yes, don't deny it, this game has one of the worst hitboxes I've ever encountered in my long gaming career), to sounds bugs, IRI HATCHES(WHY DOES THIS THING EXIST?) and all other stuffs.

This game literally encourages killers to play TOXIC (unless you're a God like a few dozens of streamers, but that's not the case for the rest of us) in order to win(winning means pipping at least, because we're talking about a ranked game in the first place, also inventing a casual mode where you could score bloodpoints normally, but try out different stuffs to see how they work could be a good idea). Of course, new content is good and stuff, but please take care of the actual issues this game is plagued with(plagued, you got it? 😂).

It's an addictive game for me and therefore the amount of hours I've spent into it, but to me it starts to slip away slowly and the frustration I'm getting more and more often in the survivor games(lol, I don't even play killer games, who the heck dares to do that without raging and being bullied) makes me lose slowly interest in it.

Out of 10 consecutive matches I have in this game, I can thoroughly say I fully enjoy a maximum of 1-2, which is abnormal. And enjoy doesn't mean as survivor to bully the killer and end the game in 3 minutes, nor it means killers to bring mori match after match and the sweatiest builds they ever find... It means an intense match, great chases, sweating basically for the 5 gens to be done and trying to escape, and even if I don't escape, to say that I can fully enjoyed my time in that match and the killer deserves an honest GG!




  • Demonl3yDemonl3y Member Posts: 1,416

    Its not toxic to use moris or keys.

    But yeah they need changes.

  • OrionOrion Member Posts: 21,675

    Keys just need one thing changed: they can't be found in chest any more. Other than that, both these things are fine.

  • scenekillerscenekiller Member Posts: 692
    edited June 2020

    Change keys to not be found in chests, and moris to only work after 2 hooks. Problem solved.

  • TheOptimiserTheOptimiser Member Posts: 138

    @scenekiller @Orion I think it's better for the keys to be found exclusively in chests, therefore survivors not having a ton of them in the inventory and literally being able to use them match after match.

    @scenekiller Your idea for mori would make them completely useless...I think all killers would prefer to hook a survivor for the 3rd time instead of the long mori animation the killers have, it's more time-effective.

  • KJayKJay Member Posts: 31

    @TheOptimiser Being forced to be able to use a mori on death hook isn't so bad. Survivors get tunneled anyways right? Plus if the survivor is good, it would be more satisfying to Mori that survivor as you've earned it fairly. (Survivor being able to take 2 hook states)

  • scenekillerscenekiller Member Posts: 692

    I agree that they would be useless in a practical sense, but they would at least add flavor to the game. The biggest complaint about moris is that they end the game for a survivor too quickly. I'd also make the same argument for using keys before gens are done, though.

  • copperslycoppersly Member Posts: 2,318

    Survivors working on death hooks is literally just a weaker PH. It would completely kill the usefulness of bringing a Mori into a match.

    I like OPs suggestion because it encourages you to hook other people and stops tunneling to Mori without crippling the Mori. It could probably be made even better but this is a great change for right now.

    IDK about keys tbh. Only being able to bring them in would just make stockpiles a thing (like they are now I guess) and that's not good, but neither is only being able to find them in game. No clue there.

  • TheOptimiserTheOptimiser Member Posts: 138


    Thank you for your opinion! Well for me these are just 2 suggestions that I would do to these 2 unhealthy mechanics this game disposes of.

    Something needs to be done equally to the both of them, though, cause at the moment it's pretty bad...

  • copperslycoppersly Member Posts: 2,318

    Maybe the key only lets 1 person escape? Ultra rare addon to make it more?

  • KJayKJay Member Posts: 31

    Well, if you go with his idea, DS still not that useful as they play around it. But if you can only Mori on death hook, you can still play around DS and just have the survivor take the 2nd hook state. Also gives them a bit more points as well.

    But again, even after the 2nd hook state, the killer has a choice. They can hook them as normally after playing around DS or choose to Mori them.

    Also, like I said... Bit more satisfying by having to work for it

  • copperslycoppersly Member Posts: 2,318

    I'm more than ok with individual survivor perks being weaker than one killer perk. DS shouldn't have to always be played around, there should be at least some scenarios where it probably won't even activate.

    So with that in mind you still have to work for the Mori because you must get the initial hook, then hook someone else, and then you must down the other survivor again. That's enough to me.

  • Reaver_RazielReaver_Raziel Member Posts: 400

    They are never gonna change moris to work like that. It was the prefered choice for me personally as well. Because it would have made moris fun items more than game winning items. But now that pyramid head is out. There is not a single reason why they would ever make this change. Since pyramid head himself needs 2 hooks before more. Even if the pyramid head used them because he liked that mori animation more (dope so I cant fault) it would still just feel like a massiv waste on him.

    The one thing they could do about moris is limit how many it can be used on or limit it based on how far the game has progressed in terms of gens or time.

    Keys.....######### keys man. Dont make 1 of them just open the hatch instantly so any number between 1-4 can just escape. Or at least give it a charge time. But at the very very least. Make them unable to spawn inside chests. I have never been so annoyed at a game as I have when 3 survivors escape thanks to plunderes instinct and luck. Its so dumb.

  • KJayKJay Member Posts: 31

    I mean, I guess. But to me, if you're playing with a friend then 2 randoms that aren't very good... the killer can take advantage of the newbie just to quickly Mori the better player. So it turn it kind of acts like the Mori that it is already.

    I personally wouldn't mind it, but I do rather have my idea. But just my opinion.

  • TheOptimiserTheOptimiser Member Posts: 138

    Well, personally, I think the probability for a survivor to find a key in a chest is lower than having at least 1 out of 4 survivors start the game with a key in the first place. And if they decide to use Plunderer just to try and find a key, it's even better for the killer, they waste a slot instead of using it for a much better perk. And it's not like Plunderer's guarantees you find a key in a chest...

  • copperslycoppersly Member Posts: 2,318

    That's a fair point, but in terms of balance I think it's best to try and have an ideal set of players in mind to balance around. This being experienced (enough) players that aren't going to go down in 2 seconds and killers that aren't getting looped for 2+ minutes. Good+ players I'd say, and in that scenario I think OPs suggestion is more balanced.

  • KJayKJay Member Posts: 31

    I guess yea. But it just all comes down to what the killers decisions are no matter what route you take.

  • copperslycoppersly Member Posts: 2,318

    Yes we can't prevent players from being scummy, just try our best to discourage it and reward "proper" gameplay.

  • WitasWitas Member Posts: 457

    I agree, In my opinion both moris and keys are extremely unhealthy for the game. Both of those are not only awfull for DBD's competetive nature, they're also plain unfun (On both sides. Yes, even for the user) because they're basically a "free win", there's no satisfaction to feel.

  • Reaver_RazielReaver_Raziel Member Posts: 400
    edited June 2020

    Its not like it mattes if one survivor runs pluderes, thats 1 out of the 16 survivor perks in the match thats definitly not a meta perk. And even if you are running pluderes you can still have one exhaustion perk of choice, ds and unbreakable. Do you really need anything else? I mean you might want something else but I am talking need here.

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