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Nurse Cosplay “Miss Smithson” Skin

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My name is Casey and I am a 17 year old cosplayer from England and I heard about this contest from my boyfriend. We both love Dead by Daylight so much but I especially love it for the art and costume design. My absolute favourite character is The Nurse and this skin just amazes me I HAD to recreate it.

Unfortunately due to Covid-19 (like everyone else) I’ve been stuck in the house all day. I haven’t had access to a sewing machine or new fabric due to lack of money so this costume is entirely hand sewn and made from scraps of dresses and material from around the house!.

I’m super proud with how it turned out and scaring the rest of my family when they came out their rooms hehe.

But yeah! this is my entry!

I made multiple step by step videos on my tiktok account @ caseyjune_ to record the process for proof that I made this :)

Thanks so much and I hope you enjoy it!!!

Stay spooky and stay safe ❤️

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