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Dead by Daylight Beginner to Intermediate Knowledge [GUIDE]

Hello I am Ph4rad0x and I am here to introduce everyone to the guide which you will learn about Survivor, Killer, Mechanics and more! I am a rank 1 player in both (Survivor and Killer) and I wanna show you what I have learned in my time at DbD!

let's clarify what is what in the game!

Here i will cover some topics such as:

  • Currencies.
  • Character's Level.
  • Bloodweb.
  • Items Qualities rarity and it costs.
  • Perks in General.
  • Skill Checks.
  • Generators.
  • Totems.
  • Exit Gates.
  • Hatch.
  • Endgame Phase.
  • Pallets.
  • Lockers.
  • Wiggle at Killer's Shoulders.
  • Unhooking a Survivor.
  • Chests.
  • HUD Icons.
  • Scratch Marks.
  • Terror Radius


  • The orange is called Auric Cells, which you can buy skins, Killer/Survivor and more! You only can obtain it by buying with real money or in the Premium Pass on the Rift.
  • Iridescent Shards are the Purple/Red currency which you can buy skins, Killers/Survivors and perks in the Shrine of Secrets. You can obtain it by leveling up by playing matches!
  • Bloodpoints are the red triangle which you can use them to level up a character in you DBD, leveling up perks (max perk level is 3) and get items in the Bloodweb. Bloodpoints are capped at 1 Million!
  • Black brownish Hexagon with number 37 is you LEVEL INDICATOR, the green number points to how many times you reached level 100, each time you get level 100 you get 1 point in the green number, in the time I am posting this guy I have a level 537!
  • The Red 4 is the RANK INDICATOR which shows you rank you are in the category menu you are in (Survivor or Killer) from 20 to 1 (Yes, level 1 is better and 20 is the worst). here a demonstration of the rank

Character's level:

Your Character's level can be 0 to 50, and it means how many Bloodweb pages you have done, as more you do, more good items and Perks you will have in your character, note that every Character reaching the levels 30,35 and 40 will give to you the opportunity to get the Character's Teachable Perks, which means if you buy it, all other character will have this perk available in their Bloodweb! Each Character will have 3 Unique Perks that can be learned in others! Claudette's Perks for example:


Bloodweb is aside from Chests , it's the only possible way in the game to get Unlockables by purchasing Nodes, which cost Bloodpoints . Each Character has their own unique Bloodweb and all of them are procedurally generated, meaning that it's practically impossible to find two identical Blood Webs between or on the same Character(s).After unlocking every available Node in a Bloodweb (minus the ones claimed by The Entity , the Character will level up, generating a new Bloodweb. As a Character's Level increases, the Bloodweb will offer more and more Nodes per web to the player. After a Character reaches Level 10, The Entity will begin to consume a Node itself for each Node the Player takes, making some rewards impossible to obtain in that Bloodweb


  • Brown: Common - 43% chance in chests and
  • Yellow: Uncommon - 33% chance in chests
  • Green: Rare - 16% chance in chests
  • Purple: Very Rare - 5% chance in chests
  • Red: Ultra Rare - 2% chance in chests
  • Golden Yellow: Event - ???

Costs in Bloodweb by Quality:

  • Brown: Common - 3,000 Bloodpoints
  • Yellow: Uncommon - 4,000 Bloodpoints
  • Green: Rare - 5,000 Bloodpoints
  • Purple: Very Rare - 6,000 Bloodpoints
  • Red: Ultra Rare - 7,000 Bloodpoints
  • Golden Yellow: Event - 3,000 Bloodpoints
  • Orange: Teachable - 5,000 Bloodpoint



In image, Adrenaline, Dead Hard, Decisive Strike and Unbreakable, the most meta perks for Survivor right now for Survivor!

Perks are basically a power which you can add to your character, you can have up to 4 perks in a match and a minimum of 0 perks. Each and every single of them have different effect upon your character and power, also you can't use same perk twice in the same match. Some perks required a cool-down, which means you cannot use it in the time it gives you, or some cannot be used when you are with a certain DEBUFF condition for example Dead Hard, Balanced Landing, Head on, Lithe and Sprint Burst perks cannot be used if you are EXHAUSTED. After you learn all teachables you can have a full deck of perks like in this picture:

Another way to get the Teachable Perks is using the "Shrine of Secrets" in the Store, which cost you 2,000 Iridescent Shards and you will learn it Perks without leveling up the survivor! The Shrine of Secrets will refresh into a new one every Tuesday 7 pm EST.

Picture of a example in "Shrine of Secrets" in Store, note Shrine of Secrets always will have 2 Killer and 2 Survivor Perks.

This is an example which you can equip when you are playing as Killer, A Nurse's Calling, It's a perk which allows you to see Survivors aura's when they are healing up to 20/24/28 meters from you (depending on level):

Survivor being seen healing behind walls and objects.

Skill checks:

Skills Cheks are the base for the game, you will hear a sound then the skillcheck will appear, the red pointer will turn clockwise, and you should press SPACE (default button) when it reaches either the white part or the double line part, the white part gives you bonus progression and points (300) in whatever you are doing, which can be healing, repairing a gen etc... I will get more into Skill Checks in HUD category

TIP1: The pointer can turn counter-clockwise if you playing against a Doctor with the right addons, plus the scrim will static a bit.

TIP2: Huntresses Lullaby will make the sound and the skillcheck appears way faster, up to 5 stacks, in the 5th stack the skillcheck sound will be disabled!

TIP3: Perks such Unnerving Presence will make 60% smaller!


This is basically the main objective of the game, for Survivors, you need to repair them, for Killers, interrupt the Survivors from repairing the Generator, Survivors need to complete 5 generator to power up the gate and escape! Generator makes a sound when they are being repaired and its louder as more they are from be fully repaired. Killers can see the Generator's auras through the wall! Generators looks like this:

TIP: Each valve fully moving is 25% of the Generator repaired, if there is 4 valves moving it is 75% - 100% completed already

TIP2: If the Generator is coming out WHITE SPARKS it means it is regressing at a rate of 0.25 c/s, taking a maximum of 320 seconds to regress from 99.9%... to 0 %. But if the Killer has a perk called "Hex: Ruin" it will regress automatically when no one is working on him at 0.50c/s if maxed out.

TIP3: If the Generator is coming out ORANGE SPARKS it means the Killer kicked it with a perk called "Pop Goes the Weasel" which after he hooks a Survivor, between 60 seconds after hooking a Survivor if he kicks a Generator it will instantly regress 25% of the MAXIMUM BAR OF IT.

TIP4: If the Generator's light in the top of it is on, it means it is already fully fixed

TIP5: All maps starts with 7 Generators, the number of Generator left in the map is n+2= gens in the map (which N = gens that need finish out of 5(E.G 3 gens left is 5 gens in the map)).

TIP6: There is perks which accelerate the fixing rate of the generators! Also work together with other Survivors makes the generator's bar fills way faster, one perk that helps a lot doing Generators together with someone is Prove Thyself from Dwight. Here is a example:


There is a total of 5 TOTEMS in the map when the trial starts. If the Totem has a light coming from a candle underneath it, it means its a HEX TOTEM (image above) which means, it is cursed and it gives the Killer a power (with a perk, this means if you remove it one of his powers/perks goes inactive ), as soon you see this totem remove it. But BEWARE SOME OF THE TOTEMS MIGHT BE A BAIT TOTEM, such as "Hex: Haunted Grounds" which as soon it is removed, it will curse all the Survivors with Exposed, which make them very vulnerable, that the next hit they receive they will go directly to the dying state. If there is no light in the Totem it means it is a Dull Totem, it does nothing special it just free points (1000 Points in Boldness).

Dull Totem.


An Exit Gate closed and not powered.

Once all 5 Generators are fully repaired, the Exit Gate (there is 2 of them in each map) is able to be opened which takes 20 seconds to open it if there is not Killer or Survivor perk changing it, opening the gate will trigger the Endgame Phase. After you open you need to run 10 meters to the end to escape the trial, detail that you can escape crawling in Dying state! Also there is some perks which interfere with the Exit Gates such as:

  • Blood Warden: After the Timer is active, if the Killer hooks someone, the gates will be closed for Survivors for 60 seconds and he will able to see Survivor's auras inside the gate!
  • Remember Me: Every time Freddy Krueger AKA Nightmare hits the Obsession the amount of time needed to open the gates will increase 4 seconds, up to 16 seconds!
  • Wake up: You open the gates 15% faster!


Hatch is the only other way to escape beside Exit Gates, it always spawn if you are the last Survivor, does not matter how many Generators are left, if you are the last one alive, it will open and you can escape pressing LMB.

Perhaps if you are not alone, and you have more 1 teammates, it will spawn only after 3 generators completed, but it will spawn closed.

Perhaps if you have other 2 teammates will only spawn with 4 generators completed, and again, closed

Perhaps if you and your friends are all alive, Hatch will only spawn with 5 generators completed.

To open a hatch you can use "Dull Key" and "Skeleton Key", but if you open it, and the killer closes the Hatch will automatically trigger the Endgame Phase, starting the countdown. You can open the Hatch with a key even if the Killer closed it.


Endgame Phase or Endgame Collapse is a mechanism which after the Exit Gate is powered or the Hatch is closed, the Endgame Phase will start, Survivors will have 2 to 4 minutes to escape, the timer slows down to the half of speed whenever an Survivor are in the Dying State or on the Hook. If the Survivor are unable to do the escape within this timer, they will automatically die.


Pallets are one tool to avoid damage from melee hit from Killer and creates distance from the Killer. You receive 1000 points if you stun the Killer with it, and Killers receive 100 points for breaking it, dropping pallet in a chase also gives you 200 points. Besides Legion, no Killer can jump the pallet. Dropping Pallet and Fast Vault will create a loud notification for the Killer! Once you drop the pallet, you cannot reset it unless you are using "Any Means Necessary" which you can reset the pallet to the normal state if the Killer did not destroy it yet.


Lockers can be used to hide by the Survivors and are a refill spot for Huntresses Hatches, while inside Killer's and Survivor's Aura abilities are totally denied towards you, so no one can see you, and you can't see them also, while hurt and hid inside, you make 90% less sound. Note, if you do a fast hide, with shift pressed, you will notify the Killer's about your action and position, this also works while exiting the locker.

Wiggle in killer's shoulders:

When you are in Dying State, Killer can pick you up and put you in the hook, meanwhile you are in the Killer's Shoulders, you can Wiggle with the buttons A and D, if you finish the bar you will get free from his hands, and stun him for some seconds.

Unhooking a survivor:

Survivors have 3 Lives, and they die being hooked for 3 times, the Survivor that hooked will have a small red bar below his name, this indicated how many time he can still be in the hook, if the Survivor that just got hooked for the first time, reaches out 45% of his bar, the Survivor will get into the Struggle Stage, which basically he will need to Struggle for his life pressing SPACE (does not need to be so fast neither so slow, keep at the pace of the indicator in your screen), Survivors that got into the Struggle Stage will have only one more life left, if he got hooked again, he will be permanently eliminated from the game, this means, If you take too long to save your friend, he will lose one of his lives and will die at next in the hook.


In each map only spawn 3 chests (unless someone did a offering to increase or decrease it), chests are used to get a item from inside, the rarity are:

Plunderer's Instinct is a perk which makes you to see Chest's auras and have more probability to take good items from it. Chance of dropping each item:


Yellow Icons means BUFF, Red means DEBUFF and Blue conditionI will describe each and every HUD icons that might appear in you HUD, with details:

DEBUFFS: Debuffs has a red color and is normally pointing downwards:

CURSED: It means you are being curse for some of theses hexes, such:

DEEP WOUND: It means you will have a ORANGE BAR under your name, and it will decrease slowly, if it comes to drain all the bar, you will enter in the Dying State. If you are running you stop the bar from decreasing. Some Killers power may give it such as "The Redeemer" from Deathslinger and "Feral Frenzy" from Legion and a Survivor perk called "Borrowed Time" and an addon that you attach to the medikit called Styptic Agent.

BROKEN: It means you cannot be healed to the HEALTHY STATE for the time this icon shows in your HUD. A good example of it is "No Mithers" from David King, you will be injured and cannot be healed for the entire match.

Exhausted: It means you are exhausted and you cannot use any Perk that need to be exhaustion-free such as Dead Hard, Balanced Landing, Head on, Lithe and Sprint Burst perks.

Exposed: Exposed gives the Killer the ability to explore your weak point and down you in a single hit! Going to Dying State immediately after he hits you.

Haemorrhage: Haemorrhage makes you bleed way more frequent, so it will be easier to Killer find you(by the way you won't die if you bleed all match, that was my first thought when i started playing the game, but it is not like that). Sloppy Butcher applies Haemorrhage!

Hindered: Hindered makes you slow, impairing the Survivor movement speed (Does not affect vault speed), a good example of it, it is Clown's Afterpiece Tonic

Mangled: Mangled slows the healing speed at the Survivor's affected by 20%. E.G Sloppy Butcher

Madness I,II and III: The Madness Status Effect, used exclusively by The Doctor, impairs the Survivor's sanity, increasingly affecting them with various Afflictions, depending on the Add-on(s) The Doctor is using. 

Oblivious: The Oblivious Status Effect makes you deaf to the Killer terror radius sounds, so your heartbeat won't work, even very close to the Killer, and perks that need to be inside the Killer's Terror Radius will not work such as "Borrowed Time"

Blindness: Impairs you to see auras of anything such Generators, Survivors, Pallets etc... For exception of Pig's Jigsaw Boxes! Hex: The Third Seal is a good Blindness applier.


Undetectable: Undetectable is an Killer buff which make him with No terror Radius, No Red Stain (the red light that come out of their heads) and blocks Survivors to see your aura.There is tons of things that would make a Killer Undetectable, I recommend look in the link here.

Bloodlust: Bloodlust is a status effect that gives Killer more movement speed after chasing Survivor for long periods, here is a table showing it.

ENDURANCE: Endurance will give the Survivor affected by it the resistance to Killers hits, this means in the next time he receives a hit he won't go to Dying State.

Can be either a Buff or Debuff depending on the color, If it is Red = DeBuff, Yellow/Blue = Buff:

The Skill Check Probability Proficiency Indicator indicates whether a skilful action has a higher or lower chance to trigger a Skill Check

The Skill Check Difficulty Proficiency Indicator indicates whether a skilful action's success zone is increased or reduced.

The Sabotaging Proficiency Indicator indicates whether a Player's Sabotage speed is increased or decreased.

The Repairing Proficiency Indicator indicates whether a Player's Repair speed is increased or decreased.

The Progression Speed Proficiency Indicator indicates whether a Player's Progression speed in an action is increased or decreased.

The Healing Proficiency Indicator indicates whether a Player's Healing speed is increased or decreased.

The Chance Proficiency Indicator works alongside the Luck mechanic and indicates whether the action the Player is currently performing has a higher or lower chance at succeeding.

The Efficiency Proficiency Indicator indicates whether an Item's current Consumption rate is increased or decreased.

Survivor is in Dying State, if the Red bar drains completely he dies in the match.

Injured and Bleeding, next hit he will go down, should be healed.


Scratch Marks, are generated by Survivors which are running, survivors crouched and walking won't create those. Only Killer can see the Scratch Marks, there is only one perk that allows the Survivor to see his own Scratch Marks which is the Perk called "Fixated". Scratch Marks are visible for 10 seconds, unless the Survivor is using some perks such as "Lightweight" which reduce the Scratch Marks time to 7 seconds. Some Perks will block totally the Scratch Mark to killers in some specific events, some of these Perks are "Distortion", "Poised" and "Dance with me".

Terror radius:

Killer's Terror Radius is a feature which every Killer has and it indicates when he is close to you, the Terror Radius Mechanic is by Sounds, which some killer are Heartbeat and other are a Music such Oni, Deathslinger, Demogorgon and Executioner. As more faster and stronger is the Music/Heartbeat is, closer to you the Killer is. Each Killer has his Terror Radius length, majority of them are 32 meters (this means you can hear your heartbeat from 32 meter, and know if he is close or not, and if he is coming closer). Some perks might relay on Terror Radius such as "Borrowed Time" that gives the person you are unhooking Endurance Effect for 15 seconds IF YOU ARE INSIDE THE KILLER'S TERROR RADIUS, this also means if you are Oblivious you will not get "Borrowed Time" to work. Here's a table that shows all Killer's Terror Radius range.

Here is an example, I asked my friend to be at the edge of my Terror Radius, where she can barely hear my Terror Radius, and since I am with Trapper and with no Perks that affects it Terror Radius, it is 32 meters from me.

In other hand I am using not DeathSlinger and using the perk "Monitor & Abuse" which reduce my Terror Radius in 8 meters if I am not in chase, here my Terror Radius is 16 meters.

And here is Michael's Terror Radius at level 2 (16 meters) with "Monitor & Abuse" which makes him with 8 meters Terror Radius if I am not in chase hahaha.

For more perks that affect Killer's Terrors Radius check it out here.

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