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Help Me Understand This: Is My Lost Legacy Gone Forever Now?

icemancaticemancat Member Posts: 138
edited June 2020 in General Discussions

As an FYI, I earned two legacy pieces back in 2016: Legacy Skin 1 and Legacy Skin 2 for Trapper (Trapper's Cleaver and Trapper's Mask as Legacy Items). Around this time of the year in 2017, I lost my legacy cosmetics to the progress loss bug. I contacted the developers once every year following the day I lost my legacy and they told me to keep an eye out for more updates. On one of the more recent dev streams, about 3 years later after I lost my legacy, I think it was Mathieu Cote himself that said that unless they have an extremely reliable way to go back and check for proof, they were going to hold off for the time being. This gave me at least a little hope of getting my legacy back, but the new news that shows up when you open the game confused me. It was a little difficult for me to fully understand what it was trying to say so I'm asking for some help from a reliable person in the community about retrieving lost legacy cosmetics. Will I ever be able to get my lost legacy back or am I stuck in a 'too bad, they're gone forever' situation? As some form of proof, I have the screenshot of the day I prestiged Trapper to Prestige 2 on November 22, 2016 at 7:01 P.M. Looking at my achievements may confuse some people since it says that I obtained Prestige 3 and Prestige 3 Level 50 within minutes of each other. What happened there was a bug which made players at the time possibly get multiple prestige achievements in a short period of time for no reason. That was happening around late December, 2016.

To end this off, I seriously hope I'll be able to get back my lost legacy. I lost it due to something completely out of my control and I strongly feel like that's extremely unfair towards players who have lost legacy cosmetics such as myself.


EDIT: Sorry, I guess it's pretty important to provide a link to my achievements as so people can see the date when the prestige 2 screenshot was taken. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198157031289



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