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Survive the Entities Playground ~ by Fouticus

fouticusfouticus Member Posts: 2
edited June 2020 in Crafting Contest


I chose to make a diorama for this years anniversary contest. While it is not based off a particular map it does share many characteristics from the game. Such as pallets, a hook, a totem, a chest, a generator, lockers, pride rock, the exit games, part of killer shack and even the golden toolbox. The medium's I used were mainly wood, styrofoam, paint, moss and moss sheets. Everything is hand crafted andchand carved. I also will use a dremel if necessary. The antique wooden toolbox I used is appropriately 3 feet long 1 foot deep, and 1 foot tall.

The final product contains the Entity coming out from behind the hook on pride rock.

Thank you!

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