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Pretty Sure It's a Bug: Executioner

LittilAvindarLittilAvindar Member Posts: 184

Platform: PC (Steam)

Pretty much, I was in a match with the Executioner, I was working on a generator, no place near his carved trails, and after about a minute of working, I was randomly afflicted with the Torment status effect that is received upon running through his trail. Unless I'm missing something here, there's n o way for him to remotely afflict someone with it; the only way to apply it to a survivor is for them to run (not crouch) through his trail. Again, I was nowhere near any of his trails. I was working on a generator.

I cannot figure out how to replicate this, but I have noticed it randomly afflict me a few times, and so have several others I've been playing with. It's just completely random. Again, maybe there's some super secret ability or perk that allows this, but as far as I know, there isn't, and it's a bug.

It occurs pretty frequently, but not all the time.

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  • bm33bm33 Member Posts: 2,036

    I was on ps4 and was randomly became Tormented when two others were halfway through healing me - they didn't get Tormented, only I did.

  • KaelumKaelum Member Posts: 977

    This occurs on the PS4 too, as described by the OP.

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