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DBD Xbox Tournament (Summer 2020)

kfawnkfawn Member Posts: 3
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Hey there, I'm looking for people interested in participating in an upcoming XBOX-based tournament.

The tournament is point based (1 point per escape/kill) with teams comprising of up to 6 players in a roster.

Maps will be decided upon with consideration for least occurrence of RNG window and pallet spawn, with fixed maps for each stage of the tournament.

Both teams will play the same killer in each stage of the competition to make matches as fair and competitive as possible. Spirit and Nurse are banned.

If you're interested, want to find or register a team, or even just lurk, be sure to join our discord as we continue developing the tournament :)


High playtime is preferred.


  • JimPickensJimPickens Member Posts: 158

    Why are you banning nurse lol. I think its kind of silly to ban Spirit but i have literally only seen one nurse get a 4k and it was me, and i was basically using a no blink build because the blinking is so janky

    I understand on PC she's god tier but most of the time i see them on xbox it's just a bully fest

  • kfawnkfawn Member Posts: 3


    The decision to ban Spirit and Nurse is based off the frequency of those killers in tournaments appearing. Given that our tournament will be streamed, we agreed it did not make interesting content to have X amount of teams play the same killer over and over.

    The nurses who have entered tournaments that we know of are some of the best on the system.

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