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A Serious Discussion on why Legacy should be a Unlockable again.

IronTaleIronTale Member Posts: 34
edited June 2020 in Feedback and Suggestions

I understand and played through the grind in 2016, But honestly it's taken me way longer to get all the perks and prestige on one character alone

As there is 134 perks in total which has to be bought 3 times each.

You also have prestige Which alone takes a considerable amount of time around 1.2 to 1.5 million bloodpoints

Which can alter on how theses boosters will effect your progress, You also have Tomes which honestly is a easy Bloodpoint booster but your extremely limited too doing them 1 at a time and the bloodpoints don't go over bloodpoint cap either.

A lot of legacy players also never knew prestiging ever gave you legacy or they plain out lost it due to save errors which again hurts Veteran players.

I bought this game on August 28th 2016, I never got legacy as i never knew it existed at the time.

Honestly you could make a really neat system to make sure your new and old players have to commit to there characters and gain Legacy.

You would have the option to go into a Survivor's/Killer's Legacy Prestige which puts your Survivor or Killer back where they started but there prestige cap is now nine levels instead of three.

Once you pick the option to go down this path your Survivor or Killer will only produce a new set of Currency instead of your regular bloodpoints which cap's at 500k.

We will just call it Blight Points.

Only Legacy Survivors and Killers can produce this currency when played this will limit the amount of grind they do at all times.

This path is basically hard mode once activated and can't be deactivated once chosen.

Legacy Bloodwebs will have there prices raised slightly to compensate for the original Grind

Common Tier will be raised to 5000 Points

Uncommon Tier is raised to 6000 Points

Rare Tier is raised to 7000 Points

Very Rare is raised to 8000 Points

Ultra Rare is raised to 9000 Points

This will raise the price 1000 Points higher than the original bloodweb making the grind as close too the original as possible.

A Survivor will Retain there Bloody Prestige but can only unlock a piece of Legacy every Three Tiers of Prestige.

Characters who don't have Legacy paths will have there prestige won't have the option to go down the path until the developers finish their prestige path allowing the Devs take time and make more prestige after people begin to unlock the original pieces.

This would allow Devs to release theses in sets over time instead of releasing every Legacy for every Character at once the can release the originals first like Dwight through Nea and Trapper Through Nurse. Once a mid chapter hits they release the Legacy outfits via chapter like Ace and Hag.

Currently for Survivor from Dwight to Nea it would take 1000 Levels from 1 to prestige 3 level 50. This would double the grind by 2,500 Levels and Killer would be 2,000 Levels doubling the grind entirely.

The Only Characters who can share the new currency is other survivors going down there Legacy Path but again it's capped at the original grind cap of 500,000 thousand points.

This would make new and old players have the option of playing through the old grind system. Which would allow your old and new player's to be rewarded for there pure dedication.

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  • PureHostilityPureHostility Member Posts: 692

    First of all, back then, blood web was basically twice as big and each level costed you way more.

    There were no bp booting perks or offerings besides the silly ones that didnt even cover their own cost back (75% more in X category, lol).

    BP gain was much smaller in general, you get much more points in match nowadays than back then.

    Spending bp was also alot longer. Emptying 1 milion of bp could take around an hour of clicking due to extremely slow animations of the old blood web.

    Getting legacy for prestiging was known weeks before the dead line. If you missed the eye sore news about it, it is your obliviouseness than anything. Not to mention the plague of "bot killers" back then (afk killers set to auto attack every few seconds). There was also first 2x bp event going on. Everyone knew about the upcomming legacy.

    Leave legacy alone, let it stay in hands of those who suffered through hundred of hours to grind a single p3 from p0 (it was around 50 to 100 hours to p3 a single character back then).

    How much is it now?

    Around 15 matches for a single prestige level up. 45 for a full prestige set when you are the only one burning offerings and using wglf/bbq.

  • GodDamn_AngelaGodDamn_Angela Member Posts: 2,211

    BHVR promised they wouldn't be re-released. They did not promise for any other cosmetic.

    That's literally the end of it. Sorry.

  • IronTaleIronTale Member Posts: 34

    That's why the currency is different too bloodpoints you can't use bloodpoint boosters as it will do nothing, You also have a insane grind compared to the original as you have a higher price and a Currency cap by half. Which makes the player grind slowly through each bloodweb.

  • PNgamerPNgamer Member Posts: 1,248
    edited June 2020

    an super awesome Idea and the best "FOR ALL PLAYERS" in Dead by Daylight. I like that idea of a throwback Event and on year 2020 it´s def. makable.

  • tatterztatterz Member Posts: 41
    edited June 2020

    I've been saying for years that they could make like a blue or pink version of legacy. P3-50 Max Perks a character before X date (like pre-graphics overhaul). Opening people up to obtain Legacy again will make it basically worthless, but they can reskin it in a way. P3-50 Max Perks takes like 12M+ bloodpoints, plus needing every teachable purchased and unlocked.

    Or If they do cross-progression and they combine your PS4 account together with your PC account, if you have P3 Character on both accounts it gives you like a Pink Legacy or something.

  • IronTaleIronTale Member Posts: 34

    Honestly yeah that's a great idea but i would like them to start with Original color scheme first and then do seasonal colors for players too, If they miss out they just have to wait for the event like Solstice Legacy or Blight Legacy next year.

  • MozzieMozzie Member Posts: 618

    It's not worth it. The game literally stole not only the legacy clothing from me but multiple clothing pieces (including bloody!) and all the helpdesk did was tell me to watch the forums. The incompetency is so rampant behind this game.

  • IronTaleIronTale Member Posts: 34

    Hey if they allowed this at least you would always be able to unlock again eventually and it would make it easier for them to track who owns it now because the game has dedicated servers.

  • IronTaleIronTale Member Posts: 34

    Yeah i honestly think it's better to have a "For All Players" Mentality as it helps the community grow and not miss out on anything. That's why i think it should be a hard grind to unlock Legacy. But all players get the option too though.

  • MozzieMozzie Member Posts: 618

    I have a prestiged 3 dwight with no bloody shirt. It's painfully obvious they ate my cosmetics and I still don't have them back. I strongly recommend you don't waste time or money on cosmetics in this game. You'll never get them back.

  • TunnelVisionTunnelVision Member Posts: 1,340

    That's a hard no from me. People who stuck through it deserve to strut it.

  • irishbutcheririshbutcher Member Posts: 61

    i knew people would just talk about the grindy bloodweb and not look properly in the discussion.

  • IronTaleIronTale Member Posts: 34
    edited June 2020

    I mean Discussion is a Discussion i guess, I wanted to look more deeper into than just the bloodweb as it's suppose to be a Hard mode instead. With a reward to come with it.

  • irishbutcheririshbutcher Member Posts: 61

    why not come up with something just as hard as the grindy bloodweb for people to earn legacy within two or three days? people would only be able to obtain legacy 1 if they are lucky. or even 2 if they don't have a life like me

  • irishbutcheririshbutcher Member Posts: 61

    maybe most people wouldnt be able to earn it if they only played for four hours a day. something extremely difficult to still honour old players.

  • IronTaleIronTale Member Posts: 34
    edited June 2020

    I did the bloodweb was mean't to take a really long time and limit the grind purpose to take longer. as "Blight Points" Is needed to level up it's a new currency and has a lower cap, While the perks/Item tiers themselves where practically double too.

    Bloodpoint boosters won't work with this new point system you just have to power through it.

    So your cap is 500,000 like old Dead By daylight and everything in your bloodweb is double the price.

  • PNgamerPNgamer Member Posts: 1,248

    cap on 500 000 makes sense ofc

  • irishbutcheririshbutcher Member Posts: 61

    another legacy wave doesn't have to revolve around the bloodweb at all. just another way to still honour old players. maybe 50 tokens for 1 legacy piece and to get one token you have to repair the one and only special gen in the map. no more and no less gens in that map.

  • ScourgeScourge Member Posts: 145

    Im not sure if that is a legitimate suggestion or your trolling? XD

    This is basically the howling grounds event but with only one gen on the map or the "Repair this gen" achivment but 50 times. Those are really not hard to do.

  • notstarboardnotstarboard Member Posts: 3,700

    Do you know why they did that? I don't care much about cosmetics, but that Kate top was the first cosmetic I ever grinded for in an event and it kind of sucks to see them just hand it out later. Is anybody really clamoring for those old cosmetics? I can't remember the last time I've seen someone in that Kate top in particular.

  • R52GR52G Member Posts: 256

    I think they should do something to help people get legacy, but I’m unsure if all of this would be the best path. It does sound interesting though.

  • R52GR52G Member Posts: 256

    I mean, if the problem is how it’s obtained, then they should make a system where everyone can get it, BUT they have to grind for it. Like an extra 3 prestige levels or something. Then if they give legacy back to those people who lost it, the others can still get it with a bit of work.

  • GoodBoyKaruGoodBoyKaru Member Posts: 19,444

    The difference being that the grind was so massive on a game nobody knew would succeed. It was unbalanced to #########, the grind was like 100x worse, level 10 looked like level 50, and it was meant as a reward to those who'd prestiged and grinded and supported the game even though nobody thought it would succeed.

    The only time I'd support legacy being returned is when the very last person loses it.

  • IronTaleIronTale Member Posts: 34
    edited June 2020

    You can say the same thing for 2017 Lunar event players who went through tedious and enunciating balancing issues, Which hurt and stopped progress due to the broken state that pallets and addons where at the time. Vaults were broken in 2016, But in 2017 Vaults,Infinites and way too many pallets where just as rampant as 2016. This halted peoples progress on both sides and the grind was just as bad due to the lack of bloodpoints and bbq didn't exist until the other half of the year which was September 14th. So honestly why not just make a new grind system that helps the game by adding another reason to prestige and level up and allow Veterans to get Legacy as they have gave their commitment to the game and community.

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