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Jeff Johansen Needs Smart Survivor Peeps

SwampDaddySwampDaddy Member Posts: 35
edited June 25 in PC

Hey there. SwampDaddy Jeff here. I'm consistently rank 5-7 and consider myself a pretty decent survivor. I am more often than not the last survivor alive. I am seeking a decent group of players that I can have fun playing with while avoiding as many ridiculous matches as possible.

I'm so bored of all of these survivors that:

A. Disconnect after being downed Once.

B. Don't know how to stay alive longer than 5 minutes.

C. Give up after being hooked once.

D. Unhook survivors while a killer is right behind them.

E. Let survivors die because they'd rather keep working on a generator or getting that totem.

F. Every man for himself.

G. Pops generators once or several times in a row.

I am in desperate need to join the ranks of capable survivors that can play well. An ideal team for me would require a killer with a rank of 1-5. Let's join up? Give me a reason to start streaming again. I have a pretty decent list of Do's and Don'ts to make survival fairly straightforward.

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