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News | 4th Anniversary Event Changes

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As we released the event last week, it's been brought to our attention that some issues were occurring with Ghastly Gateau and Crown of the Entity. To make sure everyone is able to enjoy the 4th Anniversary event, we have decided to extend the event and offer a one-time additional Bloodpoint login bonus. 

Changes to the event

  • The event is extended to July 14th, 2020 - 11AM ET
  • A one-time bonus Bloodpoint will be available on login between July 7th and July 14th - 11AM ET

Known issues status

We are aiming for a hotfix for the Ghastly Gateau & Konami code late next week.

  • FIXED - Ghastly Gateau stacking issue will be fixed in the next hotfix
  • FIXED - Ghastly Gateau Bloodpoint bonus will be fixed from 140% to 104% in the next hotfix
  • FIXED - Players sometimes are unable to unlock crowns -

Thank you to players who have reported the issues and sent information, this helps us continue our internal investigations as we work towards a fix for the remaining issue with the Crown of the Entity. 

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