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I'll Be (Hopefully) Streaming Soon!

PigMainClaudettePigMainClaudette Member Posts: 3,842
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Hi, everyone!

So, I've decided to give streaming on Twitch a go just for a bit of fun. First game that I'm going to stream will be Dead by Daylight!

When this discussion comes out, there'll be a good 5 hours or so before I start so I can finish work, have dinner and set up.

If you want, I'll post the link to my Twitch account, and if you're on Xbox and want to join me for some customs if I get enough people. I'll be using this first stream to get used to Twitch, setting up and just getting a feel for it all as I've never done something like this before.

This will be a good chance for you all to see how and why I say what I do on here, even if my streaming isn't at the same level of say, Otz, Tru3, No0b3 or Monto. Or even just come and laugh about how the game goes on console as a lot of you seem to like doing that.

I'll see you all in the fog!

EDIT: https://www.twitch.tv/midknightreaper1

For SOME reason, it didn't capitalise any parts of my name.

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