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Auric Cells and Killers

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Looking to some of the entries of the tomes, I found a small, perhaps a bit obvious discovery that shed some light on the workings of the Killers and their relationship with the Entity. As the tittle indicates, is about Auric Cells, the main component of the Entity and what allows it to manipulate and shape the world around it, but there are those with the right knowdlege and skill that can manipulate it as well:

All planes of existence are a unique mix of conscious Auric particles and material particles. The Entity is almost certainly pure consciousness… The observable fact of existence is the material world responds to and changes with consciousness… collective consciousness is the key… The body, the home, the trial—all of it is an expression of The Entity's unconscious need for fear and terror.

The distinct observation in the specimens chosen by The Entity is that they all come from worlds that have failed to understand the metaphysical relationship between their thoughts and the world they live in. This is not by chance. It is, to my mind, self-preservation. Victims who know this truth and have honed their ability to manifest could be poisonous to The Entity. This leads me to believe The Entity is attracted to dark worlds because darkness and chaos are clear indicators that inhabitants have failed to connect the dots between the collective consciousness and the health of their world. The conclusion, then, might be that The Entity feeds off ignorance.


Very little is known of The Entity's biological workings and the exact purpose of the Auric Cell still eludes me. There are nevertheless strong correlations to be made between the Cell and The Entity's faculty to shape the world that imprisons us. Are they the primordial building blocks to everything we see within The Fog? Can we harness their power?


The failing of other pioneers back home is they believed thought alone was enough when in reality it is only half the equation... the other half is emotion, for it is feeling and passion that fuels the fires of creation. The Auris amplifies and manifests and forges something new using the mould of thought and the fires of passion. Or... I've been here too long and I'm grasping at theories to pass the time.


I'm going to have a couple shots of whiskey from Terra 917, experience a few Memories, then head to bed. The warmth of spirits from 917 have always had a way of lulling me away. While it is true this is a cruel fate... an even crueller fate would have been to have been imprisoned here without the Auris... without the ability to manifest and create and enjoy. It feels strange as this may seem as the nexus of creation... able to travel Memories and cull from those Memories without restraint. Helps pass the time. Definitely helps pass the time.

This is what allows the Observer to create stuff from the memories of survivors and killers, making that library or that bottle of whiskey. But the thing is, he is not the only one that can do that, Killers can do it as well, using their own memories: We see it in the ability of Amanda to create Reverse Bear Traps on the spot(that even had the “creation effect” that things have when created by the Entity), or the Oni vanishing and summoning his sword when entering his demon mode, but more importantly, analyzing this power can give you insight on the relationship between the Killer and the Entity.

Following the example of the Pig, why she can create his traps on the spot, but the Trapper needs to pick them up in the floor? Well, Amanda adjusted quickly to her role while we know that the Trapper resisted and even attacked the Entity after becoming a Killer, so it stand to reason that besides the wounds, the Entity would punish Evan by not giving him that ability.

Of course, this reasoning can’t be applied to every Killer, as we know that there are killers empowered in different ways(Hag,Doctor) or are interacting with other realms (Spirit, Nurse,Wraith), don’t need in the first place (Myers,Leatherface,Legion, Ghostface) or have their own powers with a different source than the Entity (Freddy,Demogorgon, Pyramid Head). But those that I have no mentioned, manipulate the auric cells in some way or another, creating stuff from their memories by channeling their emotions and thoughts:

-The Clown, a favored Killer of the entity (as it let him have his house and horse), can recharge his bottles with his little dance.

-The Plague, I mean, she has to have a way to create that seemingly inexhaustible vomit from her thin body. She is no Boomer, after all.

-The Oni as mentioned, can summon and un-summon his sword. He is a very complicated case in that we know that he hates the Entity, but I would say that his emotions are strong enough that he can manipulate the auric cells to do that, probably because it feeds the Entity enough that it will allow it, despite the attitude.

-The Deathslinger, a minor case, but I would say that when his chain is broken, he fixed it by manipulating auric cells, and well, he probably creates the bullets as well for the gun.

-The Huntress is a weird case in that she needs to gets her hatches from a locker, but she never runs out of it, there is always hatches in the locker, so clearly there is so auric manipulation going on. Probably on part of the Entity,as given that the Huntress can become so bloodlusted that she loses the connection with it, so Anna is not someone that blindly follows the Entity.


  • SpookyStabbySpookyStabby Member Posts: 621

    Very interesting theory, I really like it. I hadn't considered others capable of matter manipulation within the realm before. Interested in the devs speaking about this sometime.

  • myers_obsessionmyers_obsession Member Posts: 425

    Sad to say that but I don't believe that it has something to do with lore. It's just a Gameplay mechanic. Trapper was the first killer, they improved after time. For example hillbilly. His chainsaw disappeares while carrying a surv. Pyramid Head holds his weapon on the other hand.

  • KhorzadKhorzad Member Posts: 102

    Of course, the true reason is gameplay mechanics, but there are a lot of gameplay mechanics integrated into the lore, like the red stain or heartbeat, were fully explained in the lore, despite being in the game 100% for gameplay reasons. Even if you can obviously say “just gameplay”, that doesn’t really matter to the lore, because gameplay doesn’t exist in the story, so there has to be a reason in universe for those actions, like we know that the Oni can just make his sword appear and disappear and we know that you can literally do that in the lore with the manipulation of the auric cells.

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