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Wasting time?

RakimSockemRakimSockem Member Posts: 1,264

So the new mechanic where all survivors die if everyone is hooked and no one can get off was implemented to "not waste time" or whatever. Cool.

So when are we going to address killers slugging people and waiting 2-3 minutes for them to bleed out. And not just slugging for the 4k. I'm talking about being the only one left, hatch closed, and the killer just sitting there watching me bleed out because....??

That wastes a lot more time than the 30 seconds of struggle points survivors used to get. There should really be an in game mechanic to bleed out faster after being on the ground longer than like 30 seconds. Since we're so interested in saving time all of a sudden XD

#SmallComplaints #FirstWorldProblems


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