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Balance Changes to Cages In The New Hotfix

RockoRangoRockoRango Member Posts: 554
edited July 2020 in General Discussions
  • Removed the ability for The Executioner to see the aura of the Cage of Atonement and survivors inside them
  • Added a system that will despawn the Cage of Atonement if The Executioner near it for too long. The Cage of Atonement (and the survivor inside it) will respawn in a new location

Actually? A pretty good change. While will definitely have some consequences, there’s not much you can do about that; blame the people who were face camping the cages and tunneling people off of them for ruining the ability to defend them I guess, lmao

Also, for anyone wondering, the new hotfix supposedly patched a LOT of bugs, like I was hoping. Great job on their part.

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