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Just what I expected XD

RakimSockemRakimSockem Member Posts: 1,264

A+ to BHVR for implementing that change to Pyramid Head's cages.

And I came here honestly just to see how much whining people are doing because they can't use scummy tactics anymore.

But for those who are complaining, here's what you need to realize. The way the cage USED to be (so glad I can say that) had literally NO counters for a camping Pyramid Head, which if we're being honest was like pretty much 90% of Pyramid Head players. And yall knew it which is why yall played that way. If it's going to act as a hook state, especially in the case of Moris, then hook camping counters like DS and BT should have worked which they didn't.

So the Devs had two options: Make BT and DS work from cages OR remove Pyramid Head's ability to cage and then immediately go over to said cage to camp. Now personally, I would've have been fine with option A but option B works just fine. If you're THAT upset about it, it's because your playstyle is boring and you have to camp cage to win and you probably just need to get better at the game. Same people probably play Pig and tunnel people with active traps on their heads...


  • CheersCheers Member Posts: 3,426

    People are whining reasonably however.

    What's the point of disabling your opponents perks that you can't capitalize on? You're basically sending them away for a free save that you can do nothing about.

    I get both of the changes, they make sense because the game needs to be fun. The devs said it on I believe the Chains of Hate chapter Q&A. But nerfing a below average killer without giving a buff? That's really confusing.

  • RakimSockemRakimSockem Member Posts: 1,264

    If they see a drastic drop in performance after this change, then sure. Maybe they can find some way to give him a slight buff based on the data and stats (Although lord knows this community just complains anytime devs release data and stats but that's a discussion for a completely different thread)

    Until then, with his anti-loop, shoot through walls ability and all the things I mentioned above about cages, He's definitely still a strong killer.

  • CheersCheers Member Posts: 3,426

    I'll only agree to the second last one from this.

    You're better off at this rate going for a hook, which takes someone out if the game, a hook also takes a second person out of the game but where the killer (usually) wants them. I usually check around the area for any survivor going for a save or look at a nearby wall / at an angle they wouldn't have time to get to. The animation, although cool and quick, has nothing to do with the cages.

    Do I think the nerf was necessary because the game is meant to be fun? Yes. 100% Yes. But his power in the chase with a good reaction time should be easily avoidable, and in a few weeks or months when people notice how to tell which way he's looking, his anti loop will be practically useless.

    That's how I see it though, and obviously strength of killers is subjective, but according to my stats that I collect, unless I forgot to add anything, I've only died to two out of twenty eight.

  • HectorBrandoHectorBrando Member Posts: 1,624

    BHVR is trying to move away from things that promote tunneling like the change to Dying Light, the way PH worked it benefited tunneling because it was extremely rewarding and very easy to do. You want to camp and tunnel? sure but at least we wont encourage you.

    I believe BHVR were expecting people to see them as quicker hooks since people whine about losing time while hooking when finding 2 survivors, the community saw cages as bypasses for BT and DS so the gameplay shifted to that, an efficient and super easy way to camp and tunnel.

  • ButtercakeButtercake Member Posts: 1,656

    I think the fix was ready before the Silent Hill release. I think it was intended to be the way it is now from the get go. 🎉

  • SpookyStabbySpookyStabby Member Posts: 621

    As a Pyramid Head player since release, I agree with OP. Only basics and scums making us look bad are gonna cry about this.

  • RizeAkiRizeAki Member Posts: 1,209

    As a PH main this is so true I barely even payed any attention to where my cages were cuz I was busy patrolling gens or chasing another survivor at that moment to really care about tunneling a survivor for free so I feel this change is nice as if you played him the right way the change would not effect you

  • TheVVitchTheVVitch Member Posts: 224
    edited July 2020

    "Oh no I can't see where I'm sending this survivor so I can go camp uwu!"

    You don't HAVE to send survivors to a cage should you deem it unfavorable. Just remember that y'all.

    This literally does nothing except remove scummy play.

  • HuffHuff Member Posts: 1,480

    "No counter" to an ability that requires survivors to run/walk through a trail.


  • CosmicParagonCosmicParagon Member Posts: 959

    Just give a bubble like an unhook when somebody gets saved, if they didnt add one already with the sound queue fix

  • TheOptimiserTheOptimiser Member Posts: 113

    Well, Pyramid Head has just entered the "bottom tier killers" group chat with this change. He was quite decent up until this change, now he's terrible...

  • Tactless_NinjaTactless_Ninja Member Posts: 1,791

    Free save? It's a free hook. All preventative abilities like flashlights or hook sabotage are completely negated.

  • VoyagerVoyager Member Posts: 27

    Camping was an extremely ineffective strategy, so who cares? If a killer camps, he's guaranteed one kill but everyone else leaves, still depips. Not a winning strategy.

  • KoukdwKoukdw Member Posts: 279

    Maybe but it's a terrible experience. I think BHVR is trying to expand their playerbase. What do you think a new player will think when he see this kind of gameplay. If i didn't knew better i would've refunded the game instantly.

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