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Questions from the Dead by Daylight Community answered by members of the Dead by Daylight team.

2:10 : Vigil and sabotage state
10:40 : Rework totems
12:50 : Any plan to reward killers who do not camp and tunnel
15:22 : Are there any plans to increase base gen regression speed
21:06 : Would you consider making more default perks
23:45 : Buff freddy or a full rework and specifics
29:47 : Is there work in progress to remove loops from the game
31:07 : Leaderboard
32:38 : Are you sill working on remaking old and creating new tiles
33:52 : With all those loops and pallet any plans to change the time needed to repair a gen
36:28 : Are there any plans to address unfair looking inconsistencies through windows/pallets
42:11 : When will you rework the skillcheck mechanics
44:09 : A mechanic where in any instance you stop healing you'll have a steep regression penalty
48:13 : Priority list about any changes to gens or new targets

not_Queen - Community Manager
Louis McLean - Gameplay Programmer
Stefan Horvath - Gameplay Designer

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