If you want to be part of the dedicated servers Player Test Build, you will need to update the PTB to 2.7.0a. The dedicated servers will be turned on the PTB without a patch. As long as you have the 2.7.0a version of the PTB, you will be able to test dedicated servers.
Patch notes: https://forum.deadbydaylight.com/en/discussion/59071/2-7-0-mid-chapter-player-test-build


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Questions from the Dead by Daylight Community answered by members of the Dead by Daylight team.

2:10 : Vigil and sabotage state
10:40 : Rework totems
12:50 : Any plan to reward killers who do not camp and tunnel
15:22 : Are there any plans to increase base gen regression speed
21:06 : Would you consider making more default perks
23:45 : Buff freddy or a full rework and specifics
29:47 : Is there work in progress to remove loops from the game
31:07 : Leaderboard
32:38 : Are you sill working on remaking old and creating new tiles
33:52 : With all those loops and pallet any plans to change the time needed to repair a gen
36:28 : Are there any plans to address unfair looking inconsistencies through windows/pallets
42:11 : When will you rework the skillcheck mechanics
44:09 : A mechanic where in any instance you stop healing you'll have a steep regression penalty
48:13 : Priority list about any changes to gens or new targets

not_Queen - Community Manager
Louis McLean - Gameplay Programmer
Stefan Horvath - Gameplay Designer

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