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PS4 Bug Reports

Here are some bugs I have found in the game. Hope it helps.

Many times when a survivor is downed, they will quickly teleport around 2 meters away. Been in the game almost a year now.

When you begin to heal another survivor, you'll randomly be stopped from healing at first then it will resume. Been in the game a year now.

The end game screen will show the wrong power for the killer you faced (example: you face Myers but it says his power was Feral Frenzy) . New bug.

The end game screen will sometimes show that someone brought in no perks, addons, offerings, or items when they actually did. Happens to survivor and killer. New bug.

Killer grab "latency" still exists when pulling survivors off of gens, totems, etc.

Bloodlust, exhaustion perks, hitting survivors, stunning the killer, and finishing last gen will often cause the game to pause and lose frames like a madman. Been in game since beginning.

The Demogorgon can charge shred and be nearly point blank with a survivor yet the hit will not register, the shred attack will stop right before reaching the survivor as though the attack did not reach them even though it should have been a hit. Could be latency.

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