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tricktrick Member Posts: 159

Plz can we have the cosmetic mixing back. Or im never buying an outfit again its that simple xD. I mean what is the reason for this so u can make more money i assume?

this game i swear to god i bought a cheryl outfit with the soul intention to mix it ...... but nope sorry mate.... i mean ive spent like 300£ on outfits over time but man i wish i never did to be honest


  • DWolfAlphaDWolfAlpha Member Posts: 927

    It's the new sets mechanic. Honestly, I originally thought it was just going to be with legendary cosmetics or like one piece outfits. Lisa and Alessa outfits make sense. Robbie the Rabbit outfits make sense, aside from the weapon also being locked, but whatever. I don't see any reason for the Pyramid Head outfit to be a set. And the other sets for Heather only seem to have the benefit of the charms being linked to a different place on her hip.

  • MewMew Member Posts: 1,663

    gonna guess its simply because of licensing issues with Konami.

    though i REALLY hope we aren’t gonna get sets for original survivors (outside of legendary skins), mixing and matching cosmetics is one of the best things about them

  • tricktrick Member Posts: 159

    Konami, is my new enemy then wow. im so done , every round camp and tunnel by baby killer and now i cant even where what i wanna wear xD , even tho i payed for it . wowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowow

  • CaenumPlays_CaenumPlays_ Member Posts: 45

    As far as i’m aware the new Nea skin which is due any time now is a set.

  • bm33bm33 Member Posts: 5,948

    I want to blame Konami but theres a new Nea skin that's going to be like that and as far as I know it's not related to Konami, I could be wrong though. It sounded like they were going to do more sets to prevent clipping issues that happen when people mix and match.

  • MojoTheFabulousMojoTheFabulous Member Posts: 2,012

    My best guess is that Konami didn't want the original outfits BHVR made to be mixed with the actual outfits for their characters, or split into pieces in the case of Legion. On a side note, sets won't be limited to licensed content as the upcoming Nea outfit, today I think, will be a set.

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