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Why change hillbilly?

tricktrick Member Posts: 159

Like, You say its a "animation change" in patch notes, but really he was completely nerfed , same like nurse, with no explanation on patch notes. I mean he was my favorite killer in the game and now he my least fav killer in the game , any tom dick and harry can loop him round the whole map now xD unless u spend your entire day playing him.

What was the reason for his change? and what has he changed into? his sound now is repulsive i cant play more than 2 matchs without getting a headache, he doesnt drive the same anymore , its much more clunky. WHY NERF HIM? Im assuming because u love spirit more because she is better for carrying lower skilled players.

I've nearly played 7k hours on this game and my main killer was for me deleted over night with no explanation other than "we changed the sounds and his animations" like what? and for what reason ? but of course you dont want to talk about it ever , just let it slide in ?


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