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Oh boy nurse nerf flashback (Hillbilly nerf)

DwightOPDwightOP Member Posts: 2,329
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Whether the nurse nerf back then was justified or not (that's not the topic here) I want to bring up how devs worded her change with the word "slightly". The change however had a MASSIVE impact on Nurse. So far that majority just isn't touching her anymore and she became less popular than hag (which was the least played killer to that point).

And Now, look what word they use for Billy: "minimal".

Oh devs, you are pissing me off. You said you are happy how Billy is? Don't touch him then?!

He is by far the most balanced killer in the game. The blueprint of what a killer has to be. Look at survivor tryhards like ussilys, they also say he is balanced. Hell, he can make skilled billys look foolish sometimes. The only people crying are those baby neas with urban Evasion in the corner of the map.

I have over 200 moris and really strong addons on him. I'm going to use them now all one by one (sorry my dear survivor fellows, but I want to use them before my Billy is a dead horse) and probably let him collect dust after the nerf like my nurse is doing since her nerf. Idk who I'm going to main next because there is no other killer appealing me.

I hate how M Cote said that "if you want to play competetive and tryhard just play nurse or Billy" and they change them both now.

Fool me twice devs...

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