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Are Killer Ability Sound Effects Bugged Sometimes?

It's pretty rare but I noticed every now and then the killer ability sound effects just completely cut out for about a second or so. Just enough to cause you to double take.

During a Nurse game one time after she blinked it didn't do the wheezing sound; she was still stunned just no sound effect. I had a Billy game where whenever he had his chainsaw reving for a bit it would just stop making noise for about a second. It actually scared me pretty good as he was on my ass and I saw the red light, thought he was going to m1 me and bam, I'm dead. I actually quite enjoyed that one for the jumpscare.

Just got out of an Oni game where one time it didn't play the noise when he started his dash. Had a Huntress game earlier last night where she was right next to me and pulled out a hatchet and it didn't make the noise.

This isn't super common like every game kind of thing it's just something I noticed after the new patch came out.

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