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In defense of NOED

RullisiRullisi Member Posts: 183

Firstly I'm just going to say, I do not personally use this perk myself. I play a lot of survivor casually and... yeah I do get it that NOED does get sometimes bit annoying specially when given that it's a really popular perk right now especially for some reason. A lot of times NOED users will get at least one person dead by the end of the game but I think it just makes the end game more exciting. This also encourages the players to keep track of totems as a bonus objective from boring generators and players might have to choose whether to leave their teammate(s) to die or go for a suicide mission to rescue the person or look for the totem which might end up being super well hidden or guarded.

Killers do have to sacrifice one perk slot for noed before it's activated. Sometimes all the totems might even be cleansed but a lot of times the less experienced killers can at least get a kill or multiple out of it at the end and I don't blame them for camping either if they got really bad matchmaking/ranking against them, given how extremely broken/unbalanced it is currently. You have to sometimes think about the killer too like what else should they do in some situations.

Another thing is that Dead by Daylight, bugs aside, still isn't even that serious game. There are some rng-elements and sometimes you just get unlucky in this game. There are many things that could go in favor or against you. You can't win every time but just do your best and have fun.

What's your opinion on NOED?


  • TheEntityNeaTheEntityNea Member Posts: 15

    For me, it's an annoying perk when you are playing survivor, ESPECIALLY when the killer uses it for camping.

    But I believe It's fine as it is, imo just cleanse totems and your done.

  • Athanar90Athanar90 Member Posts: 123

    I think it's fine. It's an endgame catch-up perk, clearly. Puts extra pressure out. Doesn't win games on its own, but helps. Most importantly, hard counters Adrenaline, which absolutely shouldn't ever work for someone who's on a hook when the last gen goes off.

  • ggezbabyggezbaby Member Posts: 233

    I dont mind killers camping with noed. Why blame him when all the gens got done so quickly? 3 gens can pop after downing one guy in a quick chase.

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