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Disappointed Camping is still a thing

I took a break after the disappointment that was ghostface and the reveal that the deathslinger was in fact what was teased to us in the teaser and not pinhead. I come back on the news that pyramid head THE PYRAMID HEAD is coming to the game. I stay and play for the event only to find that in fact camping is still a thing we now BAN PLAYERS FOR DC'ing despite the fact that the REASON for DC's are still present and from what I can tell are not being addressed. I just "enjoyed" a match where a killer was face camping a survivor from the start of the match I traded places with her and was on the hook till well past stage 2 almost stage 3, someone managed to get me off and had borrowed time which allowed me to actually play for a few minutes after which he followed me through the map and downed me anyways. Honestly dev's I know you're seeing this as another survivor butt hurt cause of dying but honestly I dont mind dying I JUST WANT TO PLAY THE GAME. Sitting on hook with the killer in front of me is not only not allowing me to play the game but proving the killer has no interest in playing it. Maybe you're banning the wrong people here just consider that most people who are dcing WANT TO PLAY they are either being left on the ground the entire match or hooked and camped. Both are extremely toxic ways for killers to play the game. I've had some very good games with some VERY good killers who were alot of fun to die to. Sitting on a hook watching the killer face camp you the entire match is not fun for anyone. Please fix this.

A long time player

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