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Another game mode: Competitive Mode

Hey everyone, hope you're all okay in these times!

So I imagined a Competitive Mode for Dead by Dayllight, made only for the top rank and very hardcore players. I thought of this mode as a way to separate those players who want a real challenge but don't want to be matched up with low rank or newish players.

I would like to apologize in beforehand for any grammar, misspell or error in my writing, as English is not my native language. Anyway, here it goes:



+ Requirements

Killer players:

  • Have rank ''X to Y ''.
  • Have at least ''x'' killers characters with ''x'' prestige level.

Survivor players:

  • Have rank ''X to Y ''
  • Have at least ''x'' survivors characters with ''x'' prestige level.

+ Main Features

  • All perks becomes available and maxed out for both survivor and killer factions.
  • All items and add-ons becomes available for both survivor and killer factions, to exception of the Very Rare and Ultra Rare ones.
  • For Survivors, items are limited to a number of how many characters can bring them to trial.
  • All offerings are available for both survivor and killer factions, to exception of the Cypress, Ivory & Ebony Memento Moris, also Map Offerings and Extra Blood Points Offerings. (Only one~two offering can be burn by the Survivors)
  • Perk ban system. Survivors and Killers must choose a limited amount of perks, which can be banned or not by the opposite faction.
  • For both Survivors and Killer factions there will be some perks that can't be banned. In the case of the survivor players, some of these perks will be limited to a number of players who can use those in the trial.
  • Killer ban system. The Killer player must choose a limited amount of Killers, which some will be banned or not by the survivor players for the Killer to select and play.
  • No invite friends allowed for Survivors.
  • Additional time for loadout preparation.
  • No spectating allowed after being eliminated from trial.



  • Killer player must choose ''x'' amount of Killers from the ones owned and are available for playing.
  • Survivors proceeds to choose ''x'' amount from the Killer player selection and ban them from being selected for play.
  • Killer player must choose a Killer to be play from the resulting selection made by survivors.


  • Both factions must choose ''x'' amount of perks from all the available ones.
  • Both teams must choose ''x'' amount of perks from the opposite faction perk selection to be banned for use in the trial.
  • Each player proceeds to choose which perks are going to be used in the trial from the resulting selection.
  • The baning phase for perks may go one turn per faction, determining who go first by ''x'' method such as die roll, coin, etc.

+ Observations

  • Competitive mode should only use maps specially designed for this mode, meaning that no Casual Mode maps should be available for playing in this mode.

  • There's need to be an specific concept of what ''win'' or ''lose'' means, in opposition to just having fun, players should be encouraged to play with all their resources and do what they have to win. This means a ''win'' needs to be determined by an specific(s) condition(s). .

  • The implementation of a Competitve Mode needs to have a ladder or leaderboard to keep public records of players who have a significant win rate or other achievements.

  • To maintain a Competitive Mode as competitive, there's need to be a system that denies players to play this mode after a certain amount of accumulated loses has been reached or until met other specific condition(s). So players that loses ''x'' trials in a row, gets considerably de-ranked and also, not allowed to enter Competitive Mode until meeting the requirements again.


This is just a suggestion that I think can be developed into a good idea worth looking for the future of the game. Lots of planning, discussions and test should be done first, aswell as time for devs to create maps for something like this.

Of course I know that there's still bugs to be checked, improvements to be made and maybe a ton of other things to do before getting a serious play mode, but I think this could be fun and exciting for the very very hardcore players that want a real challenge, but at the same time, have a more balanced game for both sides.

Feel free to add something, give your opinion and other type of constructive feedback.


  • TrappinManTrappinMan Member Posts: 66

    So, multiple prestiges as a bar for entry means that no one will ever play it. Most players will only prestige one character for the achievement, much less one per side. Then you have a banning system which if I'm understanding you correctly means the survivors can block off killers they don't want to see which will be the strongest ones, and then ban perks on top of that, so the killers they do see won't have perks that can really help their playstyle. There is no need for an alternating between killer and survivor banning, as they don't pull from the same pool, most games that feature a system like this have bans all coming from a common pool like champions that both sides can use, thus the alternating picks.

    Then we get down to the meat of competitive mode, what defines a win. Does a survivor win if they escape? Do they only win if they get a double pip? Does the killer win for a 4k, or does he win for a merciless? What defines a competitive map? All the maps right now are designed for casual play. People can't even agree on what maps are survivor sided versus killer sided, and then you have killers who just do poorly on certain maps or survivors with cosmetics basically blending in.

    And finally, what is even the point? Do you get more bp? Rift xp? Account xp? Are there seasonal rewards? You're causing longer queue times since there are now 2 queues, and even if this only appeals to 10% of players, that's 10% less in the main queue. It essentially splits the player base with the only variant being that survivors might not DS you, and you won't be facing iri Mori huntress.

    I'll even pitch you a sample setup, presuming all survivors get to ban 1 killer, and 1 perk, while the killer gets to ban 6 perks to compensate for the killer bans.

    Banned killers:





    Banned killer perks:


    Play With Your Food


    Infectious Fright

    Banned Survivor perks:





    Spine Chill


    You might expect the perks and killers to change slightly game to game, ie switching Huntress for Billy since she won't have instadown due to no red or purple add ons, or swapping bbq for Devour Hope so we never have to do bones, or a killer planning to never slug swapping Unbreakable for Balanced Landing.

    Tl;dr: It's a mess that will expand queue times for very little reward, and very samey games full of sweat lords.

  • Financial_StabilityFinancial_Stability Member Posts: 466

    While his execution could be worked on, I think your last statement is a really good reason for having a comp mode. You get the people who play to win in one place instead of scattered in regular matchmaking.

    Personally I'm all for a comp mode. There's certainly enough players for it, and if you don't want to play to win you can choose to play casual.

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