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The Cannibal:

Added the Chainsaw Sweep charges. Using the Chainsaw will consume a charge and trigger a Chainsaw Sweep. During this time, The Cannibal can extend the Chainsaw Sweep by pressing the power button before the power bar fully depletes. The more charges are used, the longer the missed cooldown / tantrum (if colliding with obstacles).

In numbers:

  • The Cannibal starts with 3 charges
  • Triggering the chainsaw will start a Chainsaw Sweep that lasts 2 seconds
  • During this, each charge used after that will reset the Chainsaw Sweep timer back to 2 seconds
  • Each additional charge used increases the missed chainsaw attack cooldown / tantrum duration by 1 second
  • Charges refill at a rate of 1 every 4 seconds when the chainsaw is not being used.
  • The Cannibal’s maximum speed during a Chainsaw Sweep has increased to 5.29 m/s from 5.06 m/s

Furthermore, if The Cannibal revs the chainsaw for too long, a tantrum is automatically triggered for the base duration of 5 seconds.

When a tantrum is triggered, all remaining charges are consumed.

The Cannibal: Updated most of his add-ons.

The Hillbilly:

Added the overheat mechanic. Using the chainsaw will now build up heat. When reaching the maximum amount of heat, the chainsaw overheats and cannot be used until it has cooled off.

In numbers:

  • The chainsaw heat meter starts at 0.
  • Starting a rev adds 5 charges.
  • Actively revving adds 10 charges per second
  • Actively sprinting adds 2 charges per second
  • When not using the chainsaw, the heat meter dissipates at a rate of -3.5 charges per second
  • When the chainsaw overheats, the heat meter dissipates at a rate of -6.6 charges per second

If the heat meter reaches 100 charges, the chainsaw overheats. 

If the chainsaw overheats during a chainsaw sprint:

  • The sprint is not interrupted
  • The chainsaw goes through the cooldown phase after the sprint has ended

The Hillbilly: Updated most of his add-ons.

Perk updates:

  • Franklin’s Demise: Instead of the item losing charges when dropped, the Entity will consume the item after 150/120/90 seconds if it is not picked up. Additionally, Franklin’s Demise will reveal the aura of items on the ground within 32/32/32 meters.
  • Knock Out: Now triggers on basic attacks only. Additionally, Survivors put in the dying state by your basic attacks will crawl 50/50/50% slower for 15/15/15 seconds. During this time, they are affected by the Blindness status effect.
  • Lightborn: Grants immunity to blindness caused by flashlights and firecrackers. Survivors that attempt blinding you have their aura revealed for 6/8/10 seconds.
  • Tinkerer: Now triggers at 70/70/70% (down from 85%) and grants the Undetectable status effect for 12/14/16 seconds (up from 8/10/12)

Bug Fixes

  • The Oni: Fixed an issue that caused Survivors to drop twice the amount of Blood Orbs when performing actions while injured.
  • Fixed an issue that caused injured Survivors to sometimes make no sound after certain actions.
  • Sanctum of Wrath: Fixed an issue that prevented blinking on the stone steps with the Nurse.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed loading into a Public Match while in Custom Games.
  • The Doctor: Fixed an issue that caused Survivors outside of the Terror Radius to not hear the audio cue when charging the Static Blast ability.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Survivors to get stuck together after healing a downed Survivor while against a wall in several locations.
  • Sole Survivor: Fixed an issue that caused the perk to not always receive a token when other Survivors are sacrificed.
  • The Cannibal: Fixed an issue that caused the chainsaw sfx to continue playing when stunned while performing a chainsaw run.
  • Devour Hope: Fixed an issue that displayed the speed buff as active for a duration of 10 seconds when hooking a Survivor instead of starting 10 seconds after having hooked a Survivor. The effect remains unchanged.
  • Mount Ormond Resort: Fixed an invisible colision outside the cottage.
  • The Oni: Fixed an issue that prevented entering Blood Fury if the power meter was filled while carrying a Survivor.
  • Grim Pantry: Fixed an issue that allowed a tree to spawn at the Exit Gate.
  • Reverted the UI Scale back to the pre-4.0.0 size. We were a bit too overzealous with the scale value and have set it back to the original size as this was adversely effecting players in 1440p. However, this means that players in 4k will temporarily have the smaller UI scale for the duration of the PTB. Our intention for release is to implement an increased UI scale only for players using 4k resolutions. Players playing in 1440p and below will continue to remain at the pre-4.0.0 size. 
  • Haddonfield: Fixed a visible gap under exterior windows.
  • Badham Preschool: Fixed a visible seam next to the killer shack.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Jane Romero's hand to clip trough her chest after the Nurse Mori.
  • (Steam) Fixed an issue that caused skillchecks in a Cage of Atonement to not work while using a controller.
  • Dead Dawg Saloon: Fixed an issue that caused tumbleweeds to appear abruptly and disappear by passing through the floor.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed climbing on chests that spawn on dirt mounds.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Plague to briefly stagger and not return smoothly to her idle animation after falling from high ground.
  • Midwich Elementary School: Fixed an issue that caused Crows to be seen going through ceilings once triggered.
  • Midwich Elementary School: Fixed multiple book piles where the Survivors could clip trough.
  • Midwich Elementary School: Fixed very bright textures on desks in the reception area.
  • Backwater Swamp: fixed an invisible collision that can be walked on in Maze tiles.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Survivors' screams to be muffled and low volume when found in a locker.
  • Make Your Choice: Now mentions in the perk description that the Survivor screams when unhooking another Survivor.
  • Mother's Dwelling: Fixed a superfluous texture displayed on a Hay Pile in Mother's Dwelling map.
  • Father Campbell's Chapel: Fixed the horse's legs which were clipping through the ground.
  • Fixed missing texture when pulling David King from a locker.
  • Ironworks of Misery: Fixed missing collision on one of the foundry's entrances.
  • The Underground Complex: Fixed an issue that allowed climbing on a specific box.
  • Family Residence: Fixed a visible seam on the floor.
  • The Plague: Fixed an issue that activated Corruption mode instantly after a Survivor cleanses with the last Pool of Devotion instead of 5 seconds after a Survivor cleanses with the last Pool of Devotion.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the camera to not focus on the Survivor when being rescued from a Deathbed.
  • Haddonfield: Fixed placeholder textures on the ceilings in certain houses.
  • Plunderer's Instinct: Fixed the aura outline to remain displayed on chests even if there are no obstacles.
  • Kindred: Fixed an issue that displayed the Killer's aura outline even if there are no obstacles..
  • Wake Up: Fixed the aura outline which remained displayed on the Exit Gates even if there are no obstacles.
  • The Hillbilly: Fixed an issue that caused the Hillbilly to not go into stun animation when letting go of the chainsaw sprint button at the same time as hitting a wall.
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused survivors to stand up and puke when being interrupted when cleansing themselves at a Pool of Devotion.
  • Badham Preschool II: Fixed a Generator that couldn't be accessed from its right side.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a Survivor to get stuck after interacting with a Pool of Devotion that spawned on dirt mounds.
  • Fixed an issue that could make it impossible for male survivors to aim a flashlight if they were previously holding a different item.


  • New and changed contents on 4.1.0 are not localized or outdated in non-English languages. We will update the localization on the live version.
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