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Xbox Frame Drop Issues List

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So far in my time of playing Xbox DBD I've discovered many, many FPS issues that make the game excessively hard to play at times or annoying. Feel free to add any issues you've found and I'll add them to this list once I can confirm it is a real issue.

1 - Frame drops when aiming with Deathslinger.

2 - Frame drops when the killer is pallet/locker stunned.

3 - Frame drops when throwing Huntress hatchets.

4 - Frame drops when hitting a survivor as killer or sometimes when lunging.

5 - Frame drops when using abilities with high VFX (ex. Doctor's abilities)

6 - Frame drops when turning your view quickly. (Makes it super hard to do vital flicks)

7 - Frame drops when Legion enters Feral Frenzy.

8 - Frame drops when navigating menus. (Obviously not as severe as gameplay affecting drops, but this also occurs a lot in the bloodweb which gets annoying :P)

9 - Frame drops when performing Demogorgon's Shred.

10 - Frame drops when initiating Oni's Demon Dash. (sometimes?)

11 - Frame drops when using Executioner's Rites of Judgment sometimes, always when using Punishment of the Damned.

12 - Frame drops while moving sporadically as a survivor.

13 - Frame drops when skill checks occur sometimes.

14 - Consistent frame drops on rainy maps.

As stated before, feel free to discuss and provide more frame issues on Xbox, I hope this can get developer attention so these issues may be fixed and Xbox players get to have more fun on this otherwise awesome game.

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