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My honest thoughts as someone who pretty much only plays Billy

Billy is probably the only thing keeping playing dbd at this point. I've gotten bored of the other killers for the most part, so what do these new changes mean for me, well I'll get to that. First let me describe why billy is basically the only killer I play anymore. Billy's power as it stands let's me use it anytime I want whenever I want, wether it's a good idea or not, while still being rewarding and engaging. I never have to wait for my power to cooldown or reload and it's always something I can utilize. Billy is one of the only killers in the game that never even has to use his m1, using billy correctly takes time and effort to learn to be able to curve and mind game properly in every situation but with the new changes a lot if what made billy fun for me is being thrown out the window. This new overheat mechanic limits Billy's power to such a degree that only the most boring playstyle billy has is the only effective one, backrevving, the most plain way to use billy outside of just using his chainsaw to get around the map then only using your m1. Billy's not "dead" he will still be a decent killer but his skill ceiling has been lowered and the add on changes felt like salt in the wound even though I rarely play anything other the common add ons, outside of drift king which is also gone. With all these changes it makes me not want to play him anymore, which in turn basically means I'm very likely to just uninstall and leave dbd behind, not like bhvr cares if all the billy mains leave hes not a massively popular killer, but those that do play him love him and are from what I've seen very sad to see these changes. So unless some fairly drastic changes are made to the way him and his addons work in the ptb this will likely be my last update playing dbd. 

TL:DR The new changes make billy boring to play and highlight his only boring playstyle and nerfs his skill ceiling, and because of it I'll probably uninstall after the changes hit live unless something is done

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