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As a person who plays both sides, I want old Ruin back.

NebulaNebula Member Posts: 452

Games now on both sides go way too quickly (I'm talking average of around 8 minute matches), and it feels like when playing survivor if you're not getting chased there is literally nothing else to do but do gens. With the old ruin most survivors didn't do gens off the start of the match and it gave them something else to do by looking for the totem.

Playing killer with old ruin was so much more enjoyable because the chase is the best part of the game, and with old ruin gone now, it feels you can't commit to a chase for over a minute without immediately giving up 2 gens.

The most enjoyable games for me are the one's that go 10+ minutes and it's an actual fight between both sides with push and pull.

Just my thoughts.


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