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Tinfoil Trials tournament for PC players! $1500 in prizes!

PaulieEstherPaulieEsther Member Posts: 53

Our "Tinfoil Trials" #DeadByDaylight tournament is coming for PC players! Grab your squad & register! Try to defeat 2-time defending champs "Team Sinister"! Will they three-peat? Can you stop them?

Over $1500 in prizes! Sponsored by @IncentLoyalty #StayTrue We'll be giving out tons of INCENT to all the viewers who turn out to watch the streams and the players participating!

This is our 4th tournament in four months and we expect it's going to be our biggest tournament yet! It's going to be broadcast on 4 different platforms with Boomer Live here on Youtube, Twitch, DLive, & Trovo!



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