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Which licensed chapter would you like to be added to the game?



  • Doctor_GrizzDoctor_Grizz Member Posts: 77

    Amnesia: The Dark Descent.

  • DabihwowDabihwow Member Posts: 2,903
    My Bloody Valentine Chapter (The Miner, Sarah, The Mines)

    Coudn't really decide, but I would like Harry Warden, Candyman, an Outlast chapter with the surgeon would be cool. A great part of me wants Springtrap in the game but notgoing to talk about that because not risking and entire argument here

  • Wolfy_ThunderWolfy_Thunder Member Posts: 16
    Other (Comment Down Below)

    Friday the 13th: Jason

  • LazyPaydayLazyPayday Member Posts: 331
    Other (Comment Down Below)

    Honestly i'm quite surprised that Springtrap wasn't one the options, considering how controversial it is right now. I'm not gonna shove it down anyone's throat or try to be annoying about it but I'd genuinely like to see the dude in the game, seems fun.

  • MozzieMozzie Member Posts: 523
    edited July 2020
    Hellraiser Chapter (Pinhead, Kirsty Cotton, Hell)

    I think Hellraiser is the only real Killer left that could have interesting & unique mechanics that belongs alongside the likes of Freddy, Leatherface & Myers. Chuckys a hard maybe but I don't trust the developers could handle the mechanics of something like that to make it feel authentic. EDIT: With the disappointing news that "Chucky" will now be a TV show airing on SYFY and USA it's almost guaranteed we will be getting him which kinda sucks IMO.

  • NekoGamerXNekoGamerX Member Posts: 3,778
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    scream is my #1 i need my sid

    but i also say fatal frame

  • UbecronyxUbecronyx Member Posts: 26

    The alien from, you guessed it, alien :3

  • CrispECrispE Member Posts: 1
    Other (Comment Down Below)

    Supernatural would be a dream

  • ToastyyToastyy Member Posts: 187
    edited July 2020
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    where's Springtrap wahhh I want Springtrap, where's Springtrap. Nah i'm joking I wouldn't mind Springtrap I think the devs could make it work. Don't @ me saying the game is childish because if you actually dove into the lore behind it you'll find that its way more creepy, graphic than it seems and if you took the time to look into it you'd understand how much effort has been put into the games.

    Now from what you've listed here I had have to say Pennywise even though I don't think it would happen because Pennywise is probably on the same power level as the entity itself which doesn't make sense dbd lore wise and i feel like if they did add him to the game he'd be severely overpowered or he will feel very weak compared to to movies.

    Candyman doesn't really get me hyped since I barely know anything about him because of how old his movies are and I've never considered his movies big either compared to Freddy's movies or the Halloween series, he seems very boring to me with how he's summoned by saying his name three times like some sort of ritual. I just don't like the idea of him and his background. That said though if he does get added to dbd I will definitely try him out and I'm sure the devs will make interesting in some way.

  • NaaaaaahhhhhNaaaaaahhhhh Member Posts: 1

    Alien Chapter (Xenomorph Killer & Ripley Survivor)

  • Sunbreaker7Sunbreaker7 Member Posts: 430
    Child's Play Chapter (Chucky, Andy Barclay, Good Guys Factory)

    I hear you, Chucky would be absolutely awesome addition to the game. Now, how tall would he be with the hitboxes and all, that would probably be problematic in his design.

  • NightmareRebornNightmareReborn Member Posts: 810
    Other (Comment Down Below)

    My picks are:

    • Springtrap from Five Nights at Freddy's
    • Clementine from Telltale's TWD
    • Jason from Friday the 13th

    That's not saying I wouldn't like the addition of anything that's not on this list; these are just my personal wants.

  • ZephanUnboundZephanUnbound Member Posts: 154
    Other (Comment Down Below)

    Would love to see an Until Dawn chapter with the Wendigo, Ashley, and a new, darker, Ski Lodge map on the Ormund Lodge realm that looks more like the Lodge in Until Dawn.

    Another good one would be a Conjuring Universe chapter with the Nun, Ed and Lorraine Warren, and a map based on one of the movies in the series.

  • Raven014Raven014 Member Posts: 4,188

    I thought Sam would be a better choice for survivor. She is the one that does most of the running... but I like the concept for it. : D

    Ormond as a whole needs to be darker. So do a lot of maps (at least for survivor lore reasons).

  • BirdFloxBirdFlox Member Posts: 27
    Other (Comment Down Below)

    my list for chapters I want to see is:





    The Shining

    Resident Evil


    sadly, I think any Steven King chapter is just practically impossible. the guy never hands out his licenses.

  • ZephanUnboundZephanUnbound Member Posts: 154
    Other (Comment Down Below)

    Problem is Sam would be more expensive for Behavior to do, as she was played by Hayden Panetierre, one of the most famous actors/acrtresses in the game, and Behaviour would have to pay for her likeness rights for the game which could get expensive. Would be cheaper for them to do one of the Until Dawn characters played by a lesser known actor/actress, like Chris or Ahsley.

    Definitely agreed about Ormund and some of the other realms needing to be darker. Ormund is definitely one of the worst culprits though, makes me miss the old days when we had offerings that darkened the lighting on maps.

  • Raven014Raven014 Member Posts: 4,188

    Ah... I still think Sam would be a better fit, even if she is more expensive. Maybe she can be one of behaviors coveted Legendary Skins. : /

    They should be darker for survivors, because their eyes are not enhanced by the entity.

  • pushkinapushkina Member Posts: 82
    Other (Comment Down Below)

    Jennifer's body

    Killer Jennifer

    Survivor Anita

  • roxydownes2roxydownes2 Member Posts: 1
    Terrifier Chapter (Art the Clown, Tara Heyes, Building Complex)

    Please add art the clown he is the best

  • ShamelessPigMainShamelessPigMain Member Posts: 1,496
    Other (Comment Down Below)

    I will not sleep until I get my resident evil chapter with Annette Birkin as the survivor. I'll become a survivor main if that happens.

  • The_Thin_ManThe_Thin_Man Member Posts: 1
    edited May 4
    Phantasm Chapter (The Tall Man, Mike, The Mansion and the Cemetery)

    It saddens me that Phantasm doesn't get much love anymore since most horror fans and players of DBD never knew of it's existence, but the few who have seen it can unanimously agree that The Tall Man would be a great addition to DBD, alongside Morningside Mausoleum and Reggie Bannister as the survivor.

    It could even be perfect for lore reasons since the Entity and The Tall Man both share similar meaning, they're both entities who prey on human emotions, specifically fear.

    This is a great way for people to be introduced to the movies, and out of every selection here Phantasm deserves a chance since it's such an unknown cult classic, (unlike the other selections that almost everyone knows about) players are going to be curious about where The Tall Man comes from and discover the movies.

    If you haven't watched it yet I suggest you give it a try, it's a psychological si-fi horror film with a minuscule 600K budget and a small team behind the first film, that would later inspire other iconic horror films such as A Nightmare on Elm Street and the concept of Slender Man.

  • MementoMori_MassacreMementoMori_Massacre Member Posts: 17
    Child's Play Chapter (Chucky, Andy Barclay, Good Guys Factory)

    “Sorry Jack, Chucky’s back!”

    I’d love to see a Child’s Play chapter added to DBD! 🙂

  • RainbowPatooieRainbowPatooie Member Posts: 303
    Other (Comment Down Below)

    I'm gonna be lame and say something FNAF related like Springtrap.

    Killer Klowns from Outer Space Chapter (Jumbo, Mike Tobacco, The Circus Tent)

    That was well put. I've never heard of this before. I'll watch it now.

  • BeelzeboopBeelzeboop Member Posts: 892
    Other (Comment Down Below)

    For a functional suggestion, John Carpenter's The Thing, with R.J. Macready as the survivor. The Thing would be a stealth-snowball killer.

    For a significantly less functional suggestion, Bendy and The Ink Machine. I just want it.

  • thefallenloserthefallenloser Member Posts: 801
    Other (Comment Down Below)


    Springtrap (likely killer only). Fazbear's Frights map.

  • BadonkadonkBadonkadonk Member Posts: 25
    edited May 7
    Other (Comment Down Below)

    After seeing the survey (I think it gives an idea as to what BHVR is LOOKING at), I'm genuinely shocked Amnesia didn't make the games category as an option. So that's one license I'd go stupid for in the game, the only thing I can really see 'holding it back' is that Daniel is never seen in third person, though he does have a confirmed appearance I'm pretty sure. It's also possible Frictional may not want to do crossovers, they have always been more focused on genuine psychological horror, and I'm not sure if they want that to be affected by crossovers.

    Other options I'd like:

    • Akira
    • Cry of Fear (I really just like Simon as a character, and it'd be cool to see some indie horror)
    • 28 Days Later (I really just want to play as Jim, can't think of a unique enough killer that you couldn't get from say, a TWD chapter)
    • Bioshock
    • Original Alone in the Dark (It'd be so weird it'd be funny)
    • Portal (More Valve content please)
    • Alien
    • The Thing

    Not asking for all of them, but 1 or 2 of them would be dope, but I'll realistically take anything interesting, I am not impressed by predictability.


    Adding this on through an edit, but The Mummy would also be cool.

  • BoobaBooba Member Posts: 26
    Other (Comment Down Below)

    Amogus Chapter

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