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Please consider adding players with thousands of hours into your balance team

Like I'm honestly so confused at how the balance team comes up with some of these nerfs and buffs.

In what world is a rare add on worthy of a 5% movement increase when a flashlight is shining on you? Any player that has a remote clue on how to play this game knows that this is completely and utterly useless. Unless the survivor is brand new to the game and thinks he/she can blind the killer while they're running at them?

Take more advice from your fog whisperers in the community as they more than likely have played the game much longer than anyone on your balance team.

Stop balancing the game around brand new players, as this is how you lose the interest of the actual committed players to your game. If Billy was truly "in a good place" balance wise, why in the world would you change his base kit? Appeasing new players is the only answer I can think of.

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