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The amount of 4 man SWF that I have to vs really beats my will to play this game

derppugderppug Member Posts: 239

I managed to hit red ranks and it's just too much for me to handle. One of the biggest problems is every game feels like it is verse 4 man SWF (which I confirmed through looking at every person with twitch tv in their name and seeing its a 4 man). It's so unfun to play against because I view voice coms as a form of cheating, since it is not integrated into the game naturally. I always tell myself that I can just keep getting better playing this, but it is honestly so demoralizing. I just wanted to vent a bit because I'm trying to enjoy this game, but I feel like I can't anymore (even though I REALLY loved my journey up until now). I really hope that one day I can get good enough to start dealing with these groups that have communication that makes it near impossible to re-exert pressure back on them.


  • EmpireWinnerEmpireWinner Member Posts: 1,054

    Are they that common?

  • Warcrafter4Warcrafter4 Member Posts: 2,917
    edited July 2020

    I kept count and out of my last ~30 games about 23 or so had SWF with streaks of them going between 5 in a row at the lowest and 8 in a row at the highest.

    The game can drown you in them if it wants to be cruel.

    Edit: This was only counting people who I can confirm by friend lists to be 3+ man groups.

  • BaldursGate2BaldursGate2 Member Posts: 994

    You need a good killer and camp / tunnel if necessary. Freddy is good, because when you hit the unhooker first, the unhooked has no borrowed time and you can down him again.

    Against SWF = Cowabunga it is

  • derppugderppug Member Posts: 239

    Honestly, yes. I always heard about people complain about them here and on reddit, but I paid no attention due to how much of an echo chamber things get and how people tend to blow things out of proportion. But I've been running detection perks like discordance and nurses calling to get a sense of the team work + checking everyone with twitch.tv in their name after game, and it's VERY common to see 4 mans in the VODs or constant 2-3 man heals/genn'ing through the info perks.On top of that, HEX perks feels entirely useless when you encounter these teams because they'll be able to find it much more quickly than normal teams the moment they see something like ruin. I've played 6 games today and 3 had Twitch names that all ended up being 4 man SWF just feeding info about what I'm doing. 1 of them was also more than likely a SWF. 1 I honestly can't tell (they had some group activity, but it could just be someone using Bond or just the way it ended up) and 1 probably was not an SWF (they were a lot less coordinated).

    It's very frustrating, especially assomeone who just entered into red ranks. I keep telling myself to tough it out and eventually it won't be as soul crushing. But it does not feel like a straight progression anymore (where I might have 2-3 bad games in a row, but i'll have a couple really good ones later on in the day). Plus, some games feel like I can't even just practice because of how fast they fly by and how much I get bullied.

    I loved this game up until this point (and even wrote a long post about my impressions). But I don't know...I feel very beaten today.

  • derppugderppug Member Posts: 239

    The thing is, I don't want to play something just because it does well. I want to play what I like. I pretty much only played Nurse to rank 3 and I've read that she's good for handling them. So I just tell myself to practice in these kinds of games. When I notice them, maybe I'll tunnel a bit more towards the end to practice killing people in a chase. But it's honestly so unfun to play like that. I enjoy the strategy aspect of this game as well and killer is the biggest reliant on strategy.

    To make matters worse, I feel like I really shot myself in the foot only playing nurse this high (despite my love for her). I know that if I ever jump on another killer i'll get bullied even more than I am now. Which I think is okay in the learning phases (I went through it with Nurse). But it just demoralizes me to go up against red ranks while learning someone new (vs. when I started against rank 20s and naturally progressed as I got better with Nurse, Ill just be bullied down for dozens of games).

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