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What makes a power boring (LONG wall of text)

KebekKebek Member Posts: 2,010

With all these complains aboout boring killers and how some of their powers are allegedly uninteractive/uncounterable I've wondered what is actually difference between killer's power that is fun to vs and a power that is boring to vs, talking about opinions of general masses. Like for example, spirit is just guessing, deathslinger has not counterplay, huntress has fun/fair power, etc.

First off I'd like to say that I think that main problem with this "boring power" argument is just general reluctance of survivors to adapt to any different mindset for overall match gameplay, survivors can't accept that each killer is supposed to (ideally) change the general gameplay to something different and that all survivors need to count with this change and play accordingly to it. Solo survivors lacking info & ranking beiing horrible is large part of this problem since high ranked survivors should be able to change their playstyles for each killer which currently is very far from truth.

Now for specific killer powers, the way I see it, any power with chase potencial falls into 3 categories, they are either prediction based, reaction based or a little bit of both.

My view on all of them is here.

The evaluation of power's chase potencial is based on the most safe scenario there is (this evaluation doesn't judge viability of the power, only how it preforms in the worst scenario for killer's chance to earn a hit in that situation), survivor is in an open long loop with dropped pallet. Both players are equally skilled high rank players and since it's long open loop there is no real mindgame for classical M1 hit if survivors knows the safe distances for the pallet vault which he does as both players are experinced and know their side well.

- Reaction based killers are forced to break the pallet since their power either isn't good enough to reach the survivor or would give survivor enough time to reach another tile if it was used. None of them has a real way to reach a hit in this scenarion which is what makes them reaction based killer. Survivor is in control since he can safely observe the killer or their power and react appropriately, killer is forced to brute force the pallet either breaking it or use bloodlust, both beiing unsatisfying options for power's usage to counter this loop.

  • Killers in this section are generally ones that can be looped to an extent if the killer is either unprepared or if the survivors knows proper way to play around their power and has good reactions/plays all loops safely. Their powers have clearly visible counterplay and survivor is in control most of the time in classical chase.

- Prediction based killers aren't forced to break the pallet since their power will eventually allow them to get a hit on survivor, it might take a while based on who makes the better prediction but generally killer is favored to win this scenario as the odds are in their favor as long as they use their power efficiently. Survivor can attempt to leave the pallet for another tile but only after the killer misses at least once and suffers a cooldown, otherwise they'll be hit. Killer can decide to break the pallet but it's a decision based on how bothered are they to play around a safe pallet, they aren't forced into breaking it but it's an option they have.

Overall killer is in control in pretty much all chases (based on how good their predictions are) and survivor's only way to react is via predictions (educated guesses) to killer here unlike when facing reaction based killers where they can safely use pallets to completely evade them as long as they play safe.

  • These 3 killers are probably the most complained about when the question of boring/uninteractive gameplay appears. My view is that they do have counterplay but it's so different from all other more average killers that survivors just don't bother to learn how to face them and insted ask for complete rewoks or significant nerfs so they don't have to adapt to their very unique playstyles.
  • All of these killers require far more learning when it comes to countering them since their playstyle is based around waiting for ideal opportunity to use their power to maximise chances in their favor. Survivor can learn when these opportunities appear and how to play around them in 2 ways.
  1. Either play incredibly large amount of games vs them constantly observing where/why/how they used their power to learn ideal times to dodge/leave tile/juke etc.
  2. Or the other way is to play these killers themselfs and do their best to master them learning all the tricks there are and then actively utilising this knowledge to counter them. When you know the perfect way you would counter certain tile or when you'd use the power then you can significantly increase your odds of making corrent prediction vs these killers.
  • In other words, you need to know/predict when & how the killer is going to use their power before he actually uses it. This is ofc very difficult & risky if the killer plays well and I can see why would most players despise this playstyle. BUT that isn't valid reason to rework them. They excel at chases yes but devs put many other limits on them so that their very high chase potencial doesn't result into an instant win. For one they are all slow and obvious in their approach which plays into the other way to counte them - Stealth. All of these killers have very slow patrolling and can't waste time looking around every cornet. If you struggle against them in chase I advise you to learn stealth as it's as detrimental to them as is long looping for reaction based killers.

- Killers with both aspect are generally either able to play around the pallet or not based on many factors. Some pallets are countering certain of these killer's powers in way that they can't reach the survivor while others can. Each of them have specific tiles they can play around and also specific tiles where they can't do much. In other words, their powers are strong in chase but have limits, be it charges on their power, weakness to some tiles, dependency on survivor greed for more loops etc. None of them can play around basically all tiles as long as both sides play equally well.

  • Counterplay varies based on which one of these you face. Overall, you don't need to be as much in killers head to beat them in a prediction as with Prediction based killers. You need to think a lot about how they'll use their power but there is still decent window for dodging etc even when they're in the middle of using their power.

Now that I've explained how powers work chase wise, you can clearly see why so many people throw hate towards Prediction based killers and call them uninteractive. It'd due to the extreme shift in playstyle that is needed to vs them effectively.

They break the game in a good way actually creating need for completely new playstyle, predicting before the power is used unlike how chases work with all other killers. That's why sometimes appears such massive disparity in opinions on them. Some people love this very unique playstle that is needed to vs them while other refuse to learn it or just dislike it overall even if they are able to use it.

The ''boring'' argument (at least vs these 3 killers) is imao created from the lack of effort some survivors have in learning anything else then basic looping or general hate towards new playstyles. I personally find facing these 3 killers very fun since making the perfect prediction on ideal opportunity and prediction when and how the killer is going to use their power and actually getting it right is extemely enjoyable feeling. I hope that devs won't eventually decide to ''rework'' these killers and ruin their unique plasytyles.

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