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Ideas for Reworking Pig's Add-Ons

So, as many of us know, Pig currently has quite possibly the worst set of add-ons in the game, with half of them basically acting against you with certain effects. What I've done is had a go at changing some of these add-ons to help make them more beneficial to the Pig player and have more viable options than a 3rd of the options.

If anyone wishes for clarity with my design choices, or what my though process is with them, then please let me know but be civil about it. If there is one thing that I cannot stand, it's being given no explanation when people tell me that "I'm just wrong".

One thing that I should also say that would be good in addition to these changes is removing the "Great" result from the Skill Checks.


• Workshop Grease - Slightly decrease the time between the Skill Check warning sound and the Skill Check*

• Shattered Syringe - Slightly increases the Ambush Attack speed**

• John's Medical File - no change

• Combat Straps - no change

*similar effect to about two stacks of Hex: Huntress Lullaby

**movement speed of the dash


• Video Tape - no change

• Utility Blades - Survivors caught in a Reverse Bear Trap suffer from the Mangled Status Effect

• Razor Wires - Change the Skill Check of a Jigsaw Box to a Difficult Skill Check*

• Last Will - no change

• Face Mask - no change

*similar to Decisive Strike or Snapping Out


• Slow-Release Toxin - Successful Ambush attack applies the Exhausted Status Effect for 20 seconds

• Rusty Attachments - Survivors caught in a Reverse Bear Trap suffer from the Broken Status Effect

• Jigsaw's Anointed Plan - no change

• Interlocking Razor - no change

• Bag of Gears - no change


• Tampered Timer - no change

• Jigsaw's Sketch - no change

• Crate of Gears - no change

• Amanda's Secret - Successful Ambush attack activates Killer Instinct for all survivors within your Terror Radius for 6 seconds


• Ruleset No. 2 - Reverse Bear Traps activate after a survivor is unhooked

• Amanda's Letter - no change

So, the main things that I wanted to change about most of these add-ons is how the Jigsaw Boxes and their skill checks are a minor inconvenience at best, and helpful to the survivors at worst. Making them harder should help make the RBT something that players fear, and NO I AM NOT SAYING BUFF THEIR LETHALITY. I'm asking that there is actual panic, and not mild annoyance.

Certain add-ons also just seem counter-productive, such as the Slow-Release Toxin giving Exhausted to TRAPPED survivors. I'm sorry devs, but even if you say that tunnelling is a "legitimate strategy", I'm not chasing someone who has a trap as they are predictable and will be in one of four (or 5 or 6....) places and not working on generators.

If you have any ideas or improvements to my current designs, then post those too as I was having trouble coming up with solutions for some of these such as the Interlocking Razor and Amanda's Secret. I'm also torn about Face Mask as Blindness can be really painful, but aura readings are kinda rare and one of my brothers said that Oblivious would be too powerful for a yellow add-on.


  • TAGTAG Member Posts: 11,357

    I'm gonna give my opinion on each one individually:

    Workshop Grease - Better than current but I still don't think it's worth using, personally

    Shattered Syringe - I'd be careful with this one, as even a slight increase in ambush attack speed could end up being a breaking point as far as loops. I could very realistically be wrong, though.

    Utility Blades - I don't think the problem with the current Rusty Attachments was the rarity. I just don't think this class of add-on (Survivors wearing RBTs suffer from ______ ) is a good overall because it runs counterintuitive to the goal of RBTs (stall)

    Razor Wires - Still not good; DS skill checks are not that hard to hit. At most, you might miss the first one.

    Face Mask - Why no change? It's a terrible add-on.

    Slow-Release Toxin - This is not bad. I would probably just reduce the time on it a smidge, since Exhaustion doesn't go down unless the Survivor isn't running. Higher numbers means that it may as well be infinite Exhaustion.

    Rusty Attachments - Similar to Utility Blades, this runs counterinuitive to the goal of RBTs, which is stalling. If you chase them, you're not stalling. If you don't chase them, the add-on isn't really doing anything.

    Interlocking Razor - Again, why no change? It's also a terrible add-on, even with the changes to Workshop Grease and Razor Wires.

    Amanda's Secret - I guess it's better than the current Amanda's Secret, but that's a super low bar to clear. Not sure if this is good enough for its rarity.

    Rules Set No. 2 - I suppose? At the very least, it lights a fire under Survivors, which makes it better than the current RSN2.

    Amanda's Letter - I think you could just remove the downsides of the current version.

  • RaSavage42RaSavage42 Member Posts: 2,743

    I had an idea of how to change how the boxes function...

    instead of putting "whole" keys into the boxes with RNG... why not have pieces of keys to collect in order to get out

    like: 4-8 small pieces, 2-4 medium and 1-2 whole keys

    Then change Jigsaw's Anointed Plan to add more small pieces in place of mediums

  • DBD78DBD78 Member Posts: 2,518
    edited July 2020

    Worst addons has to be Demoboy? But Pigs is pretty bad but you can play well without addons she is not dependent on them like Wraith for example.

  • PigMainClaudettePigMainClaudette Member Posts: 3,842

    I couldn't think of anything to do for Utility Blades, and I wanted to make the skill checks of the boxes way harder. One of my ideas was making the survivor scream when they failed a skill check, or making them Hindered, but they both seemed too weak and too powerful respectively.

    Face Mask I did mention again at the end with possibly changing it to Oblivious, but in a sense as well that makes the effect seem kinda too powerful. Pig is also a stealth killer, so it could also be extremely underwhelming. I don't really like the "While wearing an RBT" add-ons, as they are wasted add-ons, and I would rather see them move to the Ambush attack, I think that you'd also have to rename all of them to fit.

    Slow-Release Toxin was an interesting one because Huntress has a BROWN add-on that lasts for 30 seconds with it's Exhausted effect, so having 20 on someone like Pig seemed a bit more reasonable. I can however see that moving it down to something like 15 would be better for balance.

    Rusty Attachments making them Broken was more about inflicting paranoia with the Broken status condition. While I have run their current Mangled version, they are either great at making them waste time healing, or they just ignore it and go for the box anyway.

    Razor? Yeah, I didn't have an idea and I really wanted to make the Skill Checks difficult and require actual attention.

    Amanda's Secret was also one of the hardest to come up with, but I decided that the hinted bloodletting would be a good theme at tracking others too.

  • PigMainClaudettePigMainClaudette Member Posts: 3,842

    Ones like the Razor Wire actively go against you by providing more skill checks, all of the RBT Status ones encourage Trap Tunnelling which I think is both a scummy playstyle and also detrimental to getting Pig the much needed love the community asks for by boosting her kill stats.

    Her Ultra-Rare add-ons are also completely outclassed by two of the COMMON add-ons in every sense. One of them, again, is also detrimental to run as it can easily force survivors to do generators in order to see the boxes, and that's literally the exact opposite of what you want to happen.

    That being said, I don't know Demo's add-ons as he's a killer I haven't looked into playing yet. Hence the "quite possibly" worst add-ons.

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