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Bring back the DC penalty immediately

My gosh, it didn't take more than a couple matches to realize how fraught the game is with insta DCs when you have no penalty. Figure out the fine details later, but without any form of penalty you have at least one early DC almost every match. Terrible on both sides losing out on a full match and points.


  • LemonaxdesLemonaxdes Member Posts: 3

    Awful idea. DC penalty only put a band-aid on the DCing issue. If you really wanted to DC badly, you would just suicide on hook.

  • JasmineDragonJasmineDragon Member Posts: 57

    There was no good reason to remove it. The argument of "if you want to leave, [BAD WORD] on hook" still wasted more time then you just leaving like an ass hole, and gave the killer more points.

  • KillScreenKillScreen Member Posts: 81

    Sure sure. People rage quitting after the first hook or because the game its dragging too much for their taste. DC's and suicide on hooks should be punished even more severely, league of legend style. No one's making you play this game. Its not fun at all for the other survivors to have a sore looser in their team. If you're raging maybe you should take a break from this game.

    Go play killer if you don't want to blame anyone else but yourself.

  • StehpflanzeStehpflanze Member Posts: 28

    The only people being mad about not having a DC pentalty are forever freddys who hate the fact that survivors dont have to take their [BAD WORD] anymore

  • GoshJoshGoshJosh Member Posts: 254

    I phased to two survivors as Spirit.. HIT one.. and within three minutes, three survivors had DC'd. I didn't even down anyone yet. Then by fate of the Entity, the hatch must have literally spawned under the last survivor, allowing him to escape with double my measly score of around 5,000. And I believe I ran BPS.

  • StehpflanzeStehpflanze Member Posts: 28

    ... you played Spirit? What else do you need for a reason? maybe dont be as entiled next time and play a killer that is actually fun to play against. There're 4 more players in a trial btw. All of which would like to have some fun <3

  • ThisGuuy83ThisGuuy83 Member Posts: 1,303

    No, because the DC penalty only seemed to really work on killers. Survs just suicide on 1st hook like lil quitters w zero punishment for it.

  • ThisGuuy83ThisGuuy83 Member Posts: 1,303

    Really? So because someone's a character they spent time to master and learn, there not allowed to play them now because a bunch of noobs are butt hurt? Grow the hell up man...

  • StehpflanzeStehpflanze Member Posts: 28

    exactly, people spent time to get good at survivor and when they face a Spirit, none of it matters. Maybe you grow up instead and stop complaing about other people trying to have fun? You know very well nobody likes this killer and you pick her anyway. Imagine still complaining about people leaving. Instead, you're the one being butthurt. Get real <3

  • ThisGuuy83ThisGuuy83 Member Posts: 1,303

    Let's see, your the one whining, your the one who's rage quitting over a killer that someone else enjoys having THEIR fun with, but I'm the one who's butt hurt? I don't even play spirit you yellow rank noob. I'm gonna hit you with the classic here son... GET GUD

  • KillScreenKillScreen Member Posts: 81

    Why would i be mad about dc's as a killer? That's just dumb. I always give the last survivor a free escape when that happens, give them time to heal after hook also. Wanna see a video proof of me playing clown at rank 15 and having a dc and playing nice to the other 3?

    I get mad because i play as survivor also. And i hate people doing that to me. Dc's and suicide on hook should be punished. Or else write down your own rule book and go play customs with friends. If not, go play something else if this game its tilting you. Some forced vacations should be applied till you clear your head off.

  • projecteulogyprojecteulogy Member Posts: 654
    edited July 16

    Problem is, they're punishing people who were DCing due to the game being a [BAD WORD] mess code wise. The game is actually only MODIFIED for servers, but is mostly P2P... Why? Bc it would require them to recode the ENTIRE game.

    Yeah we got some salty folks, sure... Every game does. But a DC penalty at this point in their... "pretty good job so far"... I'll DC when i see fit. I'm not staying due to:

    -Intentional Toxicity(After so long of playing, you can tell), like the last Nurse i played against who slugged everyone and basically AFK'd. I'm leaving that game.

    -Stuck in/behind Lockers or perma stuck in textures.

    -Falling through the map infinitely and I never fall back to the trial after a minute or so or i fall outside the gate(which usually means i escape from the trial lol, so its a DC without a DC).

    -Teammates farming me. No points earned 30 seconds into the game and i'm already on my death hook... i'm DCing if i'm being tunneled and farmed.

    -Cheating(like the dwight i got video of running around at mach 3 taking hit after hit and never being injured. was kinda entertaining but i DC'd anyway).

    I don't DC as first down or first hook. I DC when there's shady [BAD WORD] going on and people are being dicks. Not staying. Period.

    Edit: Also not staying if the lobby is green(60ms-80ms) for the whole lobby countdown and when the trial starts, the killer is warping(you'll get a speed limit icon when the game starts hiccuping). Which typically means its a VPN user, which is exploiting because it gives the killer an advantage due to the crap coding, and they wont ban for it because its their own fault lol

  • AxeAxe Member Posts: 160

    The devs should do some sort of operation health where they dont focus on new content but rather bug fixes and server issues before they re-introdouce the DC penalty again

  • exf310nexf310n Member Posts: 11

    I'm all about disconnecting for a multitude of reasons. Sometimes I just enjoy trolling my team or the killer by disconnecting for no apparent reason. Or my friends and I will surround a killer and all DC at once. It's just another form of entertainment at times. And why do most people act as if survivors are the only ones to DC? I disconnect as killer too. Sometimes out of rage and other times to waste people's offerings. There's no need for a DC penalty because this is not a competitive game. No one gets paid in the Esports league for playing DbD. Let that sink in. What's the point of having a penalty if the game gives you the option to DC in 2 clicks? Why make it so easy? That is [BAD WORD] stupid. Why not just remove the Leave Match button, so anyone trying to DC would have to waste time restarting the game? Don't penalize someone for using an option built into the game. And if you can't play through someone disconnecting, then you're taking this too seriously.

  • KillScreenKillScreen Member Posts: 81

    @projecteulogy All of the above reasons don't happen that much that you're gonna suffer from DC penalty. It's not like every game its like that. About DC about a cheater, you shouldn't. You need their player cloud ID to report them. Its easier and more effective to create an in game ticket with video proof. This next part its taken from from a previous ticket that i opened, take a minute to read the necessary requirements for a ban to happen:

    "Navigate to Dead by Daylight Help Center's home page: http://support.deadbydaylight.com/hc/en-us

    Once you are there, choose the "Submit a Ticket" option. On the next page, choose "additional player report information" as your issue below and answer the required information that is needed."


    • The problem about trolling its that you're the only one laughing. That its ok on single player games, not on multiplayer games.
    • People don't get mad on killer dc's because its a free win for them, you keep your perks and equipment and free 5k escape points. And the killer builds up on his dc penalty anyway.

    "There's no need for a DC penalty because this is not a competitive game. No one gets paid in the Esports league for playing DbD. Let that sink in."

    • Because the survivors will have a harder time to escape if you do. And that goes both ways. Why don't you stay in the match and pull your weight since you don't care at all?
    • The button exists for certain occasions. Not to be spammed. As the dc penalty its a build in mechanic in the game as well. If you're mad that the game doesn't allow you to disconnect from every bad match, then you're taking this game too seriously too.
  • NekoGamerXNekoGamerX Member Posts: 1,712

    this so true Survivors just had to suicide on 1st hook and killer be stuck or take the DC penaltykiller can't say i'm done jump on hook.

  • JonnykivJonnykiv Member Posts: 8

    Realistically, in my personal opinion, if someone DC's it should cause a random generator to insta-finish to compensate for the loss of a player. There should also be a proper way to report the players who DC without having to complete in-game reports along with grabbing all their steamID64 etc as if you miss one bit of information, all you get told is, "sorry there is nothing we can do about it".

  • projecteulogyprojecteulogy Member Posts: 654

    I played 7 games this morning(I only solo). 2 were Okay. Keep in mind, me considering it a good game isn't surviving. I survived 1, but with very little gained. All of it was from doing gens and opening the gate.

    3 games had 3 killers playing from China, the UK, and Venezuela. These players were using a VPN. When they started warping, I immediately Disconnect. They're stressing the server, and you can tell when youre in a lobby and it goes from 50-60ms to over 120-180... Sometimes this doesn't register until the game is already in the 5 second countdown. If i see that.... I'm not staying. I'll end task on the load screen. 1 game i got slugged with 5 gens still remaining and i got camped on the ground while everyone else sat around not doing gens. Ohh i'm rank 7 and paired with rank 20s and a rank 2 killer LOL.. Not staying. Not earning anything. So thats 5 of 7 games that literally wasted my time and was only a "gg" for the killer.... with 13k pts lol...

    Ive reported until i'm blue in the face. It doesn't help at all ever from my experience over the years. I take video evidence. I'd post it for you but its all unedited so it would just get taken down by mods for "name shaming". I don't report camping or tunneling, but slugging I will if it's intentionally toxic and hostage holding the game(like slugging and going afk without hooking). Ive also found survivors speedhacking with invincibility. I'm not playing with those folks. I'll take my down rank, since i'm paired with rank 20s and 1s regardless of my rank or role. I don't particularly care for farming people either unless everyone is farming. Farming a single person to death isn't cool at all, and killers will capitalize on this behavior. I'm here to have fun, not deal with a bunch of toxic people. I find 1 in every 9-10 games "chill", meaning If i get unhooked i don't have to worry about getting tunneled off the bat.

    2/7 games being "ok" and not even surviving but 1 and that was not even considered half decent. They need to find a way to circumvent toxicity and fix their game. but neither is a simple task.

  • KillScreenKillScreen Member Posts: 81

    @projecteulogy Don't trust the flags on steam profiles. People can choose whatever they want.

    The only time i had lag on my games was my fault. You can make sure the problem its not on your and by following this guide: https://forum.deadbydaylight.com/en/discussion/165515/quick-guide-on-how-to-setup-your-internet-connection-properly#latest

    Aside from that, just for test purposes, turn off the wireless function make sure your pc its the only machine on that network. And give it a test to see if it solved that problem.

    Being tunneled and camped its not fun at all. But if you're in a party with decent survivors they will punish that, i would. I remeber my games playing adam and being camped on hook because i could unhook myself. Burning the cakes on that survivor was a chore. Of if you have a key a decent killer will tunnel you for sure.

    And why not find decent survivors to play with? It would save you a ton of headaches.

  • jadssjadss Member Posts: 133

    if someone saves you before you [BAD WORD], well, you still need to participate, also, [BAD WORD] no, don't put the dc penalty in again, it proved to make killers more toxic, [BAD WORD] also, going against "Stridor spirits" or other type of killer that is currently unfair, as there is no counter, stop this argument already!

  • CotJockyCotJocky Member Posts: 165

    Had a similar game a day or two ago. 3 random's in my lobby (I was solo queue survivor). They all 3 changed to Legacy Megs at the last second. I think the killer was gunslinger, don't really remember. Two of them DC'd within 30 seconds, 3rd followed 10 seconds later. I might have done 30% of a generator on a hill on the Family Residence map. Hatch spawned literally beside me on that hill. I jumped in and the game was over in under 60 seconds! lol...

  • kurgan8282kurgan8282 Member Posts: 197

    it is UNPLAYABLE without penalties, people dc and spoils match in almost every game.

  • DevimonDevimon Member Posts: 2

    While I would like to see it back.

    It was turned off turned off due to en exploit.

    Would rather them fix that first.

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