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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Themed Builds

Hey guys! So, for a bit of fun, I want to make a bunch of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure themed builds for Dead by Daylight, and if we can get enough builds then I'll try to convince some of my mates to run them and make a stream out of it!

Now, for those of you that don't know JJBA, it's a highly enjoyable anime/manga series spanning 5 seasons and 8 Parts. It's hard to describe, but the first two parts are about punching vampires with the power of the literal sun (yes, really), and further parts are about invisible spirits with strange powers that fight for you. Way better than it sounds. Highly meme'd too.

If you have any builds, then post them below and full credit to you!

Joseph Joestar (Part 2) - Sprint Burst, Alert, Spine Chill, Deliverance

  • Sprint Burst - For his secret technique of running away.
  • Alert/Spine Chill - "Your next line will be...."
  • Deliverance - This guy gets out of so many situations that he shouldn't, especially when his enemies turn their back to him.

Kujo Jotaro (Part 3) - Iron Will, Decisive Strike, Soul Guard, Head On

  • Iron Will - The dude shows zero fear towards anyone.
  • Decisive Strike/Head On - He's considered to be a punk, and gets into a lot of fights. Not to mention his usual solution to a problem is punch it until it goes away.
  • Soul Guard - Super tough and is able to keep on fighting after some very extreme situations.
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