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Kingkong and Panda TV shirts

BrawlerBrawler Member Posts: 287
So a long time ago I noticed that in the game files and elsewhere as well there are some of the shirts for Dwight/Meg that I have never seen in the game. I mean the Panda TV Gray and Golden shirt, Kingkong shirt for Dwight and Kingkong shirt for Meg. Anyway, do you have an idea how it is possible (or how it was possible) to receive them, without modifying the game files of course? I am just curious. 


  • ilyas2551ilyas2551 Member Posts: 7

    Hello. KingKong Shirts is for chinese streamers. I got this shirts in July.
    Gold Panda.TV shirt is for winners of Panda.TV Tournament and gray Panda.TV shirt is for members of Panda.TV Tournament. It is very rare items)

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