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Slugging fix suggestion

So I completely understand and agree that disconnections from games voluntarily are a problem and not just on one side i've had a lot of killers dc as well as seen many other survivors quit. The disconnect on one side is easily tracked to simply being targeted by the killer or being slugged and left on the ground. I would like to offer a simple suggestion for atleast one of this problems, and before we get all the messages about how unbreakable or no mither are counters to slugging let me make one very fine point against that. THE KILLER WILL JUST DOWN YOU IMMEDIATELY AFTER YOU GET UP. I will offer another option removing the ability of the killer to hook survivors who they leave on the ground. I don't even care if its a perk and has to activate after being left on the ground for so long. Let survivors kill themselves on the ground. Call it "The other way out" and count it as a death i don't care but being that killers insist on ruining these games by not hooking people and i'm going to be brutally honest in a game where everyone is left crawling on the ground the only one who is having any fun at that point is the killer. I would rather dc and get into a new match but no we have no other option but to sit there and wait to bleed out. I'm not suggesting giving survivors bloodpoints for it heck i'm not even asking to take any points away from the killer, all I'd like is to not have to sit through the remainder of the match on the ground cause that is absolutely not my idea of fun.


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