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Cross-Progression Question

Exxodus21Exxodus21 Member Posts: 263

Why won't there be cross progression available between DbD for Xbox Console and DbD for Xbox PC (both are through game pass). I have to sign into my Microsoft/XBL account to play either of them, so why isn't cross-progression possible?


  • GoodBoyKaruGoodBoyKaru Member Posts: 5,421

    I'm gonna take a guess and day Microsoft did the no no, as did Sony.

  • ZagridZagrid Member Posts: 791

    Sony and Microsoft have been at a console war for a while, so having cross progression I don't think is something they want.

    For nintendo and PC it makes sense since Switch really isn't a "console" its a blend between a handle held and console so there isn't really any intense competiton.

  • Exxodus21Exxodus21 Member Posts: 263

    Right. But DbD through Xbox Game Pass for console and PC don't have anything to do with Sony. They don't even compete with each other. Both connect through the exact same account.

  • MissBehavingXMissBehavingX Member Posts: 278
    edited July 17

    I get the Sony and Xbox part, but it doesnt make sense between xbox one and xbox/microsoft pc store, since like the OP said, they are both included in the game pass.

    As an xbox player who's going to get a pc in a few months I'm bummed by these news, it seems it will likely not happen, and all the pregression and cosmetics will be a waste :/ I will never get some unique cosmetics, like the rift ones and will have to start from scratch and buy stuff again.

    *cries in console pleb*

  • Angelicus23Angelicus23 Member Posts: 1,902

    consoles can have war wth pc too and I dnt think devs want exclusivity just for xbox and windows store

  • chase131119chase131119 Member Posts: 842

    It's microsoft and sony being stubborn, as usual.

    Sony is usually MORE stubborn than microsoft too.

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