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My opinion on gen speeds and the current state of playing killer balance wise

Mak0Mak0 Member Posts: 250
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Title. As someone who plays both killer and survivor. I know how playing killer can be fun or either be miserable. Playing solo surv is also something i find really miserable.

Gen speeds are something that do not need to be touched in my honest opinion. Generators are still survivors only objective so their natural instinct is to want to get as many done as they can while the killer is occupied. Making gens take longer is only going to make this game more boring and make less people play survivor because holding m1 until you get in a chase is basically the survivor experience I’d rather mechanics that help killers like trapper who need setup at the beginning of the match that will most likely cost him at least 1 gen. Or a second objective ENTIRELY With a second objective to do survivors can do more on the map then just look for gens and focus on getting through them as fast as they possibly can.

For killers I don’t want killers like freddy nurse and others touched. Buff weaker killers. Nobody likes feeling that they can only play killers like freddy or spirit just so they can play the game viably at lower ranks. Buff weaker killers so people can see them more in lower ranks so purple ranks and red ranks won’t just be the same killers. No side should ever feel hopeless.

although there are a few survivor perks i think need changing i don’t want this game to become more of a m1 sim then it already is. I want killer to be fun to play and weaker killers to be strong so I can play the killers I enjoy playing more.


  • piggypablopiggypablo Member Posts: 102

    Maybe introduce a mechanic where the killer has to cut the power lines going from the generators to the exit gates. Have a gauge and skill checks on that too. Once the power lines are cut there could be a spark animation and noises to help the survivors find where they need to repair the line. Sabotaging the line shouldn't have an effect on the repair status of the generator.

  • pseudechispseudechis Member Posts: 2,094

    I agree with this points raised here, I don't think increasing gen times is a real solution, you could incentivize survivors to do something other than gens by making being wounded secondarily effect gen speed (just an idea)

    I'm looking forward to this game start mechanic they pitched losing 1 to 2 gens trying to set up as trapper is really not a great start.

    The idea of cutting wires has a "the phone is dead" kind of slasher flick feel to it, and its an interesting objective that requires the killer to initiate then the survivors to respond, increasing indirect interaction and decision making. A mechanic like that would add an extra element to games.

    The nerf and buff idea is another good point, if we end up streamlining all killers into one typical playstyle in the name of balance, then we end up with m1 simulator plus "ring a ring a rosy" bot.

  • ZaKzanZaKzan Member Posts: 550

    all they need to do is reduce map size. There's nothing else they need to do, no other balance features, just reduce map size. Every other attempt to balance the game is just a bandaid. The major problem in dbd is map size. Once that issue is addressed, all other problems are miniscule and just require some tweaking of things like gen times survivor speeds or killer speeds, lunge lengths etc.

  • Leachy_JrLeachy_Jr Member Posts: 1,707

    There a many things that make a map unbalanced, not just map size. For example, badham is still a horrible map for killer as the generators are almost always in a house, behind a building or anywhere that is hard to reach as killer.

    Even if it was the size of coal tower it still wouldn't be balanced.

    As for my opinion on gen times, i do think they are a bit too fast, but the generator objective as a whole kinda needs a rework.

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