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Perk loadouts/presets

I was thinking how i like to change my perks up alot, sometimes after each game, there are also certain builds out there to synergize perks together, it would be cool if i could switch between a few preset perk loadouts, maybe a drop down box next to where you equip perks, then i can make builds and easy switch between how i want to play that game, another QoL change


  • PoulpobossPoulpoboss Member Posts: 1
    edited November 2020

    I actually had that in mind and was looking for a way to talk about it. No one seemed to answer to you but I believe it'd make it easier to change our build even at the last second.

    Especially for those who have several pages of perks. I was thinking of 5 presets and the possibility to start one from scratch on the spot.

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