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Error 111, no blood points being earned, and rank depips

noburyrunoburyru Member Posts: 16

After this last patch, I keep getting error 111, "An Error occurred while synchronizing currency data with the server" then booted back to the title. When I go back in, I see I have no blood points, and I have been depipping(Not sure if this is related to the error or a lack of points since I can't see the post game lobby)

I tried restarting the game, then reinstalling the game, but this didn't fix the issue.

OS: Windows 10 Home - 64bit

CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600x


Video Card: EVGA 2070 Super

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  • noburyrunoburyru Member Posts: 16
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    As a side note, let's not forget to mention that auras are so hard to see now.

  • KhaineGBKhaineGB Member, Mod Posts: 6,286

    A few folks have reported that and it's being looked into.

    That's all I know right now. Trying to find out if I can get any info from you to help fix it.

  • H3ndrikH3ndrik Member Posts: 14

    Glad im not the only one that receives the error.

    Same here.

    But im sure the devs will look into it ^^

  • Goldmariechen1Goldmariechen1 Member Posts: 7

    Same problem here. Happened 2 times in a row now. Already reported it. But I won't play till it got fixed. I want my Bloodpoints and my Pips. 😅

  • Goldmariechen1Goldmariechen1 Member Posts: 7

    Dunno if it has something to do with it... But before the Update I got the "Rank Server Update Error" (or how it was called) like every 3rd game. But I mention it now, just in case it could help.

    Have a nice evening.

  • MilesHsuMilesHsu Member Posts: 1
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    same here.

    lost all bloodpoints and 30mins :/

    It's never happened before so I guess it's cus of the latest update.

    OS: Windows 10 Home - 64bit

    CPU: Intel E3-1220 v5

    RAM: 16GB

    Video Card: GTX 970

  • KhaineGBKhaineGB Member, Mod Posts: 6,286

    As mentioned, they are looking into it. Unfortunately I don't have any updates other than that.

  • predictcspredictcs Member Posts: 10

    I'm getting the same error, just played 3 matches for nothing, please fix it soon, and leave a feedback when you do.

  • PrandBoogiePrandBoogie Member Posts: 7

    I'm having the exact same error, it sucks that I can't win BP or rank up/down since this is my favorite game to play and it is horrible not to be able to level up my characters :c

  • KhaineGBKhaineGB Member, Mod Posts: 6,286

    Mmkay, only woke up an hour ago. No update yet. If I get some info, i'll try to let you all know.

  • noburyrunoburyru Member Posts: 16

    So the latest patch cleared up the error for me. So now the question is what about the BP I missed because of the error?

  • DanielSongDanielSong Member Posts: 16

    Same thing with me. Made a forum account just for this. I even made a ticket for customer support.

    Im new and love this game but this sync error is really bothering me big time.

    This is happening for the Nintendo Switch btw

  • noburyrunoburyru Member Posts: 16

    Scratch that... played 2 games then error 111 started again...

  • BeansBeans Member Posts: 3
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    Been having the glitch "Error updating rank" for the past 3 months but wasn't that bad as I was still earning bloodpoints and ranking up, but now im getting "Error 111" so theres no point in me playing the game.. Shocking that the devs still have not fixed this and i've been emailing them for months and just get the usual "we're working on it" reply for months on end... Game uninstalled and will never play until this is fixed as you cannot progress at all.. EDIT - have played 3 games in a row and had this happen

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  • deepburndeepburn Member Posts: 12

    Same with you guys. I've created a forum account just to check if anyone is having same issues and report it as well. I had a friend who's having issues same with me and it bothers us a lot because we have played hours yesterday to rank up survivors and left us with no BP and rank. I do really hope that this issue will be fixed in no time.

  • ExitBagExitBag Member Posts: 2
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    Having the same issue in about 5 games in a row

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  • DanielSongDanielSong Member Posts: 16

    Still happening on the nintendo switch. Literally unplayable now and demoralizing. Still no statement for this one?

  • AgeUkeAgeUke Member Posts: 23
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    the Devs work really hard on it ... NOT^^

    The ship is already sinking if theres no fix very, very soon

  • MiruMiruMiruMiru Member Posts: 2

    I have the same problem, hope they will fix it soon

  • noburyrunoburyru Member Posts: 16

    We will get an update... Soon™

  • KhaineGBKhaineGB Member, Mod Posts: 6,286

    Still don't have any info, i'm afraid, and i'm checking as often as I can.

    If/when I know something, i'll do my best to let you all know.

  • yubelyubel Member Posts: 9

    i get this sync error after every game nothing saves I can’t play until it’s fixed

  • DanielSongDanielSong Member Posts: 16

    Well utterly hopeless. All of the games are already like this on my nintendo switch.

    Still absolutely looking into it and its almost the 3rd day.

  • BeansBeans Member Posts: 3

    Ive had emails from them the past year that say "we've been looking into it" its a load of crap... been waiting on a fix for months now

  • DanielSongDanielSong Member Posts: 16

    Well maybe its time to get out of this game then. Thanks for warning me.

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