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Error 111, no blood points being earned, and rank depips



  • error111wtferror111wtf Member Posts: 6

    They just released a patch note fixing some bugs and i hoped they would have fixed it, guess they didn't. I guess we're screwed folks

  • KhaineGBKhaineGB Member, Mod Posts: 6,398

    You're not screwed. It's just being a pain to track down, from what I understand.

  • SanchezTibetSanchezTibet Member Posts: 7

    Bro this has to be a joke. like legit the cam has been unplayable for a week now!! They should have already fix it. How hard could it be to fix a bug in your game and if u cant fix it why are u doing this job legit (not you the devs ) !!

  • PawcelotPawcelot Member Posts: 985

    I've gotten Error 111 too and it sucks! I am getting robbed and there's nothing I can do about it..

  • KhaineGBKhaineGB Member, Mod Posts: 6,398

    Because it's internet related and everyones internet is different?

    That's how it's difficult to fix.

    Also, no update still...

  • SanchezTibetSanchezTibet Member Posts: 7

    Trust me thats not an excuse to ignore the problems in your game!!!

    Never seen a prob that was this hard/long to fix...

    Dont look at this as a normal bug im sure you dont fully understand the problem here , the game is unplayable and if it was just me and some other people ı would understand why ıt takes so long to fıx ıt. But there is soo many ppl getting this error and it should be prioritized and as far as i can see ur the only one who prioritized this problem so far which is sad...

  • SanchezTibetSanchezTibet Member Posts: 7

    I dont want to sound like a KAREN but ı love playing this game and its just dissapointing to see the devs giving zero [BAD WORD] about their game.

    This is not even the only bug thats not fixed, at this point ppl just accept this game as it is cuz they know devs wont do anything. I am not complaining about you since ur a mod here and ur the only one who is doing their job.

  • NastyManNastyMan Member Posts: 1

    i have been getting this for the past few weeks....making it pointless to play, literally! It's crappy for newer players trying to rank up characters.

    Is there a resolution time for it or shall we all just play something else till it's fixed?

  • KhaineGBKhaineGB Member, Mod Posts: 6,398

    First up, apologies for no updates the past couple of days. I was reinstalling windows on 4 different machines over the weekend.

    Unfortunately, I STILL don't have an update on the situation. -_-

  • ErmacErmac Member Posts: 44
  • ToomuchsheepToomuchsheep Member Posts: 5

    Have the error for a few weeks some and lost any way to progress my characters. I am rather new to the game so it hurts even more and i even convinced some friends to get it - before the error started. Now we cannot play the game. I will try to get a refund from steam even though i exceeded the 2 hours playtime for it by far. Suggest everyone else does the same, as it does not seem to change in the near future.

  • nutinbushnutinbush Member Posts: 1

    Can we expect some sort of recompense? From a player standpoint, burning BP offerings and losing out on the offerings+end of game BP on a at least a quarter of our games played sucks to say the least, considering it's the only progression system tied to player power besides throwing money at the screen to unlock characters. If we can't expect some sort of compensation for lost time and offerings, I guess it's just best to uninstall and maybe come back when it's fixed?

  • criminalcriminal Member Posts: 25


    This game is beyond broken. escaped or 4k with 0 bps many rounds.

    Now what should we do? Uninstall this game? We are not gonna get a refund back anyway 😞

  • DisorderDisorder Member Posts: 8


    just want to tell you: Problem still exist.... Anybody cares?

    Have a nice day

  • LyaLyaTopolyaLyaLyaTopolya Member Posts: 11

    Yes it does exist, no devs dont care, cuz they didnot give us some sort of statement about this error. I can understand why they gave no info to us, but give it to mods at least, idk

  • RonyRoRonyRo Member Posts: 1

    The single option i saw is VPN

  • Eros_LucianoTTVEros_LucianoTTV Member Posts: 37

    Impressed that i came back to see if any updates and still none.

    Can the devs at least say something about this?

  • D17DD17D Member Posts: 5

    I know but I'm not gonna use a third party app as a work-around just because of the laziness of the devs

  • LyaLyaTopolyaLyaLyaTopolya Member Posts: 11
    edited August 2020
    • Alright boys, lets test out new patchnote. They say "Reduce the occurrence of Sync Error code 111 on the Tally screen"

    EDIT: there we go boys

    Post edited by LyaLyaTopolya on
  • DisorderDisorder Member Posts: 8

    First round... sync error.... no fix 4 me

  • SanchezTibetSanchezTibet Member Posts: 7

    Hey guys cmon ! ur beıng unfair at least they realized there is a problem (lol)!!!

    U know what they say “Modern Problems Require Modern Solutions” u see there is a error !!! u fix it by changing its name to 112. Its that easy cmon !! lets gooo (dont even care anymore i realized these devs are just [BAD WORD] that dont know how to fix bugs in their own game..).

  • ZennZenn Member Posts: 46

    Hey guys, we've graduated from Error 111 to Error 112! Yes! Sweet! Congrats on screwing up your game guys, you'll not be getting another dollar from me ever again, this is taking way to long to fix. The only way you can save yourselves is to give me the BP that I lost because of your lack of ability to track down an error.

  • GodobertoGodoberto Member Posts: 21

    I didn't get any errors after the update, don't know if anything changed with my conection though.

  • D17DD17D Member Posts: 5
    edited August 2020

    Nice, after the patch note, now I get the classic "rank update error" AND Error 112. Maybe the only "fix" they did is that they changed the number of the error code and description to make it seem like they did something.

  • KhaineGBKhaineGB Member, Mod Posts: 6,398

    Yeah, last I heard is that it's now Error 112... for some reason.

    The team are still actively working on it though and seem pretty frustrated... if that's any consolation?

  • Eros_LucianoTTVEros_LucianoTTV Member Posts: 37

    Yup Error 112 now.

  • SecundusSecundus Member Posts: 52

    While at it, care to fix rank update error which has been in the game for more than a year now? Your technical team is doing a horrifying job at their positions.

  • error111wtferror111wtf Member Posts: 6

    what really screws me is that i bought the battle pass, are they going to compensate me or something? they havent answered my ticket in 8 days and i'm really worried they're just going to not care and make me not be able to complete the battle pass, i dont even want bloodpoints i just want to be able to complete the battle pass damn :(

  • greedyauragreedyaura Member Posts: 1

    If devs want to keep players should give lost bps. I could unsaid this but u know... I lost fcking 16 millions of this [BAD WORD] bloodpoints. Cheers Mathieu Coat - you made a game at least u cannot play... Aplause👏🤢

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