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Error 111, no blood points being earned, and rank depips



  • jaiboojaiboo Member Posts: 24

    i already uninstalled the game and stopped recommending it on steam. regretting all the money i've put into this company but we live and learn ain't that right. still checking the thread because it's comical as much as it's tragic how bad the devs are at their job.

  • Th3NightmareTh3Nightmare Member Posts: 1,007
    edited August 2020

    I'm going to tell him and tell the team, it's too frustrating for this to happen, after 2 weeks playing the game since the implementation of this BUG, I will have played more than 100 games .. Can you imagine how many blood points I have lost? More than 10 million. I am a veteran player, I keep uploading my characters and it annoys me that those blood points will not be rewarded for the bad actions of the developers. Also, after 4.1.2, it's a joke, we continue with the error, but the code 112, combined with the other 401 (rank update error), and we continue to lose points ... how long are we going to be like this? I am super tired.

  • error111wtferror111wtf Member Posts: 6

    alright, i'm done with this game. I have all killers, had all rifts (not this one because i can't play) bought a lot of skins. I really am a clown, dbd team not only isn't able to fix this problem, but seem to not want to compensate for lost xp, rift fragments and bps. I made 2 tickets in the support the first one they ignored my question for compensation, and only said "devs know it and are working on it" then i sent another one that especifically said "look, i already made another ticket regarding this error and i just want to know if yall are going to get me what i lost in this 10+ days of unplayable dbd. They literally said the same [BAD WORD] thing "devs know it and a re working on it" they didn't even adress ANYTHING about compensating me with bps,xp etc... This is a circus, and i am the [BAD WORD] clown

  • MoeBlasterMoeBlaster Member Posts: 1

    Error 112 manytimes

  • Ogzhn55Ogzhn55 Member Posts: 47
    edited August 2020

    Guys we should create tickets and we should ask to devs our lost points?? Devs said they are trying to fix SYNC error okay? but we lose so much blodpoints? what about that? for ex: i lose 3M bloodpoints and i am still in the game cuz i am with my friends they dont have SYNC error they want to play but for me its so bad.They having points but i dont.Devs should give us how much BPS we lose.

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  • BelzherBelzher Member Posts: 112

    They posted a note today saying that they are aware and trying to fix it. Let's just hope this fix happen soon.

  • MonyQWQMonyQWQ Member Posts: 5

    repair ???? LOL😥

  • noburyrunoburyru Member Posts: 16

    Oh look... Error 111 is gone but it was just renamed to Error 112... It's been what, 3 weeks now?! COME ON! I hope BHVR is ready to start paying for VPNs since that is the ONLY way to even play the game.

  • AnotherJacobAnotherJacob Member Posts: 49

    Since I started to use vpn is working fine, no errors anymore. But I also want a refund for all bp lost. :(

  • Eros_LucianoTTVEros_LucianoTTV Member Posts: 37

    No ETA = I like that cause it can mean weeks or months or even years? And devs will say we told you guys already we are working on it, same case like unknown error and other errors people have encountered which have never been fixed.

    I know working on fixes requires time but damn... 1 yr for unknown error, 3 weeks for error 111/112, rank update never gets fixed. We are talking about a 4 yr 1 month old game here. Maybe it is time to really just stop playing the game and supporting the game. I guess 1 person not playing the game doesnt matter as they still get income from the other players that dont get this errors.

    Might be worth noting that player base for DBD in steam charts reduced by 10% for this month, coincidence? go figure.

  • Ogzhn55Ogzhn55 Member Posts: 47
    edited August 2020

    New killer is coming and we cant uptade because we cant gain bloodpoints.I hope they fix this problem. DLC,SKINS ARE NOT IMPORTANT.We cant gain bloodpoints fix the game please new stuffs are not important right now.While my friends gain bloodpoints i gain 0.Yesterday we played 5 hours of DBD and i got only 30K points imagine that 1 match without error..

    Error 111/112

  • psionicpsionic Member Posts: 108

    For god's sake, fix that error!!!

  • SMONKSMONK Member Posts: 21

    VPN fixed all the error in cost of ping

  • Th3NightmareTh3Nightmare Member Posts: 1,007

    New info official:

    "Some progress is made but we sadly do not have a fix right as we speak. This is one tricky bug so thanks for sticking with us! "

    Amazing devs! Lets go for 1 month for fixing this error! And we will lost more of + 10Million of Blood points.

  • noburyrunoburyru Member Posts: 16

    I love how there has been 0 updates on this thread since 8/12. Some mods/community managers.

  • noburyrunoburyru Member Posts: 16

    A whole week without an update. I really hope Behaviour is ready to start paying for people's VPN so they can play the game they broke. Obviously they only care about releasing new DLC so they can make money.

  • artofincaartofinca Member Posts: 2
    edited August 2020
    • Error message: Rank update error
    • Which platform you are on: PC, steam
    • How frequently you get the error: Every second game if i am lucky, more often every game, meaning no progress, no bloodpoints.
    • When: end of mach results
    • When you started receiving the error: From the last several days. (today is 08.19.20)
    • Additional errors: , sometimes when this does not happen i get just "unknown error" and i get removed from party to ttitle screen


    after removing the game local files i have now: Sync Error

    attaching log:

    Hope this is resolved soon, game is unplayable like this

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  • noburyrunoburyru Member Posts: 16

    3 more days and no updates. We are now on day 8 without any news.

  • antisomebodyantisomebody Member Posts: 1

    I am just now receiving this error 4 matches in a row on the Switch...

  • gabmansurgabmansur Member Posts: 1

    Playing on Switch, getting this error today the whole day. Not getting any bloodpoints. It's unplayable like that

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